Woke Mom Wants Advice on Making Her Child Hate Police

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A crazy white woman posted a video on TikTok asking for advice on making her little kid hate the police. Because it’s never too early to indoctrinate your child into leftist vitriol and irrationality.

Libs of TikTok posted the disturbing video on X (Twitter) on Friday. A white mother took to TikTok to ask for resources to “CRUSH the idolization of police” in her four-year-old. Why? The toddler was excited after police officers paid a friendly visit to her daycare and gave her a sticker.

There are so many fallacies and perversions of reality in this woman’s attitude that it is hard to know where to start, but one obvious fallacy is that she talks as if all police are white supremacists. In fact, there are many police across America who are black, Hispanic, Asian… you know, not white. And many of the white police are simply trying to do their jobs—they’re not racists out to “get” minorities. This leftist obsession with skin color is counter-productive and stupid. Furthermore, reducing or defunding the police puts Americans of all ethnicities at risk.

The Western Journal reported in 2021 that a number of U.S. cities that had defunded their police departments in the first woke fervor of the Summer of Love and Mostly Peaceful Rioting found themselves already sending money back to law enforcement amidst crime surges. Weirdly, having fewer police means that there are more and bolder criminals. Who could have predicted that one?

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”To my white moms,” the race-obsessed TikTok nutcase began. “All right, how are we talking police to our children?” Why does she care? “Yeah, yeah, my daughter yesterday showed up with a little sticker that looked like a police badge. Apparently the police just like showed up at her daycare.” It’s clear from her subsequent comments that the police came just to make the kids aware of law enforcement and clarify that they’re not enemies.

The woman went on, “[The police] ran their lights, they’re like, whoop, whoop, we’re here, and they were passing out badge stickers like they were candy. My daughter got to hold a walkie-talkie. She came home, she said, ‘Mom, I’m a Junior Ranger, I need a police car.’” Sane parents would have been pleased that their little kid was learning to respect law and order. Not this woke Karen.

”I was like, what the… Okay, we all know that my child’s experience with the police is going to be vastly different than children that don’t look like her. We all know this, okay?”

To continue her unhinged rant: “I need to make sure I CRUSH the idolization of police in her. This ha—nope, not happening. Because god forbid I raise a child that sees someone get murdered in the broad daylight by the police and blames that person. ‘The police were just doing their job.’ No, no. No, no, no, no…”

First of all, respecting good law enforcement has nothing whatsoever to do with cheering murder. Secondly, as we know from George Floyd, Michael Brown, and other woke “martyrs,” many of the alleged victims of police murder were actually not innocents murdered by police. Are there bad police? Absolutely, there are. There are bad people in every profession. But to pretend that all police are racist creeps who stalk the streets eager to shoot up innocent victims is preposterous. This woman is as crazy as the BLM protestors who showed up last year in support of a would-be murderer who attempted to kill a woman of color and her two black kids!

“So, moms,” the TikTok Karen concluded, “what resources are we using, what books, what talking points, how do we discuss this? I had no idea it started this early. She is four. Okay, please help me, okay, okay, thanks.” The woman is practically on the verge of tearful hysteria because a police officer gave her daughter a sticker. That’s what the woke mind virus does to people. Unfortunately, this TikTok mother is likely to pass the mind virus on to her little daughter.

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