Washington Post Called Out for Caption Describing Israeli Woman’s Children as Being ‘Detained’ by Hamas Terrorists


In its coverage of families in despair over missing loved ones, The Washington Post captioned a photo of missing children, kidnapped by murderous terrorists, as being “detained.”

After being called out on social media for downplaying the barbaric actions, The Post made a stealth edit to change the wording to “taken hostage” with no explanation.

Over 1,400 have been murdered by Hamas terrorists, including nearly 300 kids.  At least 120 were also taken hostage and moved to Gaza.

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The Gateway Pundit reported on documents released by MSNBC showing that Hamas killers were targeting elementary schools and a youth center when they stormed the border.

Hamas barbarians called the mother of two beautiful Israeli sisters kidnapped from a peaceful dance party to taunt her after driving the girls and several more back to Gaza.

A viral video shows a terrified young woman, Noa, pleading for help while being driven away on a motorcycle by Hamas.

Woman captured by Hamas terrorists during attack on music concert in southern Israel. The woman reaches for a male friend who is also captured. Hamas supporters posted the video with a laughing emoji. (Yediotnews)

The following video shows what The Post characterized as being “detained.”


Author Bethany Mandel pointed out the initial caption in The Post story showing a screenshot timestamped 7:45 p.m.

After the stealth edit, Mandel shared a follow up image timestamped at 9:18 p.m. showing the change.

Others weighed in on the Post’s attempt to downplay the horror.

Israel released the names and photos of some of the missing women KIDNAPPED, not detained, by Hamas terrorists.

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