Techno-Hell: Amazon Rolls Out Six-Foot Robots for Warehouse Work

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Forget the Amazon labor union issue: at this rate, the only human left in the Amazon workforce in a matter of years will be Jeff Bezos. And, given his transhumanist ambitions, even that proposition is doubtful.

Robots don’t form labor unions — one of the many benefits of replacing a human workforce with machines. Another is that they don’t get cancer. They also don’t need water breaks or bathroom breaks. They don’t ever have to take off because their kid has strep throat. They don’t file #MeToo lawsuits. Their advantages over human workers are legion.

Via The Seattle Times (emphasis added):

Amazon employees have long worked alongside robots — but the company is now testing a very lifelike, two-legged machine to help its human co-workers* with some tasks.

Amazon announced Wednesday it had begun testing a bipedal robot in its BFI1 experimental facility in Sumner. The robot is in the very early stages of development, Amazon said, so it’ll be some time before it is on operational warehouse floors.

The robot, named Digit, has two arms, two legs, a blue chest and two square lights for eyes. It moves forward and backward, turns around, and bends. It can reach, grab and lift Amazon’s signature yellow totes that hold items as they move through Amazon warehouses. Digit will help its human counterparts with tote recycling, Amazon said, picking up and moving empty totes once all items have been removed.

Digit’s debut was one of several announcements Amazon made Wednesday at the company’s Delivering the Future event, an annual roundup of updates to Amazon’s transportation, delivery and fulfillment network. Amazon held the event at BFI1, one of its handful of warehouses in Sumner, where it tests new technology, equipment and work processes. The Sumner cluster of facilities includes experimental warehouses as well as operational sites.

*Notice the humanizing framing of the machines created to replace human labor: they are “lifelike,” they have two legs just like people, and they’re there to “help” their “coworkers.” They even have a cutesy name. All of this gibberish is the legacy of the advertising industry — perhaps the most insidious, perhaps downright evil — industry ever manufactured by humanity.

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“The future is not human” is the mantra of the technocratic ruling class. This is literally true in their dystopian vision; there will literally be no more humans. The excess population will be culled by as much as 90% (there is some disagreement on what percentage of the population must be gotten rid of: is it 85% or 90%?) while the remaining human elites and their servants will be merged with machines, perhaps to the point that they could no longer be rationally called “human.”

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“We are really upgrading humans into gods,” has proclaimed WEF lieutenant and chief futurist Yuval Noah Harari, which I have covered previously here at PJ Media. Of course, Harari means that they are busy “upgrading” a very select few humans. The rest are expendable. If they can’t get them through farming shutdowns under the guise of fighting “climate change,” they’ll do it through pharmaceutical castration under the guise of gender equity, with fentanyl, or with a dozen other methods.

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