Natalee Holloway’s Mother Breaks Silence After Van der Sloot’s Bombshell Confession Becomes Public


Natalee Holloway’s mother spoke to reporters after her daughter’s killer was in court Wednesday in Birmingham, Alabama.

Earlier in the month 36-year-old Joran Van der Sloot admitted to murdering Holloway in 2005 while she was vacationing in Aruba.

Beth Holloway, Natalee’s mom, told reporters, “After 18 years Natalie’s case — it’s solved. As far as I’m concerned it’s over.”

“Joran Van der Sloot is no longer the suspect in my daughter’s murder. He is the killer,” she added.

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Van der Sloot pled guilty Wednesday for attempting to extort money from Beth Holloway in 2010 in exchange for telling her the location of her daughter, Fox News reported.

Part of his plea deal was that he was required to “provide all information and evidence” that related to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, the Associated Press reported.

Because of this deal, Van der Sloot admitted to murdering the 18-year-old after she rejected his sexual advances.

Holloway’s mother told the AP the family agreed to the deal to “finally get the answers we’ve been searching for for all these years.”

Dave Holloway, Natalee’s father, said, “He is evil personified,” in a victim’s impact statement in court, Fox News reported.

“Having seen and heard him confess to the brutal murder of our daughter, I believe him,” he stated.

“We are satisfied that our daughter died at his hands and that he acted alone.”

Van der Sloot is currently in jail for the 2010 murder of 21-year-old Stephany Flores and will serve his 20-year prison sentence for extortion concurrently in a Peruvian prison.

Judge Anna Manasco called van der Sloot’s crimes “heinous” for giving Holloway’s family false hope with the extortion, according to Fox News.

“You have brutally murdered, in separate incidents, years apart, two young women who refused your sexual advances,” Manasco said to van der Sloot while in court.

The AP reported the convicted killer stated during his court appearance, “I would like the chance to apologize to the Holloway family, to my own family.”

“I am no longer the person I was back then,” van der Sloot concluded.

The lawyer for Holloway’s father, Mark White, said van der Sloot cannot be prosecuted in Aruba for the murder as the statute of limitations has run out.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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