You will not believe this is REAL footage! Welcome to Race2Dinner, where white women pay $500 to be told how racist they are

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Race2Dinner is an televised event run by woke radicals Regina Jackson and Saira Rao. It’s an experience that’s supposed to “open minds, create dialogue and reveal truths” for white women who don’t understand their white privilege.

And these white women pay $500 to attend this event.

We’re all for opening minds, having authentic dialogue, and shining light on the truth, but that’s not at all what Race2Dinner is about.

Dave Rubin plays a clip from one episode that clearly sheds light on the truth of this reality show.

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“Margaret, you didn’t say yours … your racist thing that you’ve done,” Rao fires at a woman in the group.

“Well, I also work in environmental engineering,” where there are “minimal people of color,” answered Margaret.

“I can say a racist thing you’ve done because it just happened,” retorted Rao. “When you just talked to me the way you just did; this is how white women talk to us all the time — these are microaggressions.”

“I say the exact same thing to my white girlfriend,” responded Margaret, clearly confused about her transgression.

“The way you just spoke to me was straight-up white supremacy,” spat Rao, adding that Margaret “answered with racism.”

Yes, that’s a real conversation.

“These people are so extraordinarily pathetic,” laughs Dave.

Rao is “just using this ideology to kind of bully this woman and to talk to her in a way that’s just, you know, feeding her own narcissism,” adds Melissa Chen.

“The goal is to bully you and to hound you and to create a social environment where it feels like there’s a pressure for you to want to confess, and then the second you start to confess, the next stage is to say that your confession is not sincere enough,” says James Lindsay.

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