Gun-Wielding Washington Homeowner Fires at 3 Suspects During Attempted Home Invasion (VIDEO)


A homeowner in Auburn, Washington prevented a home invasion by three lowlife masked, armed thugs because he was armed. As they were trying to kick down his door early Thursday morning, the homeowner got his gun and unleashed a hail of bullets on them. The suspects ran away while police were still trying to identify and find them.

What’s even more disturbing is that the suspects were claiming to be police by shouting “Seattle Police.” The giveaway was of course that they were masked.

No one was injured.

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Fox 13 reported:

AUBURN, Wash. – A homeowner in Washington fired at three suspects who were trying to break into their home.

According to the Auburn Police Department, officers were called around 2:00 a.m. Thursday to 117th Pl. SE near SE 310th St. for the report of a shooting.

Security video shows three masked men carrying guns shout “Seattle Police” while each trying to kick in the door.

The homeowner grabbed a gun and fired multiple shots through the door at the intruders.

The suspects ran away, and Auburn detectives are working to identify them.


This should be a lesson to every freedom-loving American on how important the Second Amendment is to preserve our liberties. If that man was not armed, he most likely would have been gravely wounded or killed.

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