Four Iranian “special interest aliens” were apprehended by Border Patrol in October while trying to illegally enter America

Four Iranian “special interest aliens” were apprehended by Border Patrol in October while trying to illegally enter America

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is reporting that as of mid-October, its agents have apprehended a total of four Iranian nationals who attempted to illegally cross into America through the nation’s porous southern border.

All four Iranian nationals attempted to cross via Eagle Pass, Tex. They were then processed as “special interest aliens” due to the sensitive nature of the current conflict in the Middle East.

One of the men, in his 40s, was apprehended just this past Sunday. The other three came at other times and were deemed by the U.S. government as “having conditions that promote or protect terrorism or potentially pose some sort of national security threat to the U.S.,” according to Fox News.

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In addition to these four, two others, both citizens of Lebanon, were arrested in Eagle Pass, also as “special interest aliens.”

“Lebanon is the home of the Hezbollah terrorist group,” reports The Post Millennial. “Much like Hamas, Hezbollah is monitored as a terror group by the State Department and has taken in money from Iran.”

In addition to these six individuals, another 19 Iranians and 17 Syrians have been captured and arrested at the Rio Grande Valley Sector border crossing into the U.S.

(Related: An Israeli rabbi blasphemed Jesus Christ this week by declaring that Christians “shouldn’t be worshiping one Jew – you should be worshiping all of us.”)

U.S. government gunning for war with Iran following Hamas attack in Israel

The war drums are beating loudly as the U.S. government, in lockstep with Israel, seems to be gung-ho about launching a full-scale regional war that would more than likely quickly spiral into a global conflict, possibly becoming Word War III.


National Security Council spokesman John Kirby commented that Iran in particular, which Israel has wanted destroyed for years, has “broad complicity” in the attack on Israel, even though Iran denies any involvement in the incident.

Even so, Kirby was forced to admit that, thus far, the spooks in D.C. have not “seen any specific evidence that tells us they were wittingly involved in the planning or involved in the resourcing and the training that went into this very complex set of attacks over the weekend.”

In most cases, “special interest aliens” like the ones arrested in recent days do not turn out to be “terrorists,” at least as the government defines terrorism, according to CBP.

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a warning – this was before the Hamas attack, by the way, which many now believe — based on profuse evidence — was a stand-down false flag event much like 9/11 – that “terrorists and criminal actors may exploit the elevated flow and increasingly complex security environment to enter the United States.”

“Individuals with terrorism connections are interested in using established travel routes and permissive environments to facilitate access to the United States,” a DHS assessment further claims.

In other words, the powers that be are busy setting the stage for more false flag incidents in the future, which they are warning us about in advance, that will surely be used by Israel and its supporters to justify more financial aid and more war.

“This is all leading to the great tribulation, or time of Jacob’s trouble, in which Israel will be burying its dead for seven days straight,” suggested one commenter about the prophetic implications of what the Israeli government is unleashing on its own people.

“It’s because they still refuse to recognize Jesus Christ as God’s chosen Lamb, pure and sinless, the only blood sacrifice to cover sin.”

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