Colorado police find gruesome dismemberment and apparent suicide while searching for missing housekeeper

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Colorado police discovered a disturbing scene after being called to look for a missing housekeeper at a residence where she had gone to work.

Aurora police officers were called to the Tollgate Overlook neighborhood after they were called by the son of the housekeeper who said she had not arrived at her later appointments after going to her first job at 7 a.m.

When they arrived at the residence at about 11:15 p.m., they found the woman’s car in the parking lot.

Police were unable to contact the resident or the housekeeper, so they decided to forcefully enter into the condominium. When they did so, they heard a single gunshot immediately afterward.

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They found a 30-year-old man dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in the apartment. They also found the dismembered remains of the housekeeper.

Some of her remains were found inside the apartment, and others were found in a nearby dumpster, according to police.

They later identified the woman as 62-year-old Elena Vonfeldt.

“This is one of the most gruesome crime scenes they have had to respond to,” said Aurora Police information officer Agent Matthew Longshore.

He added that Vonfeldt’s son had gone to look for her and found her car.

“So, her son drove to this condo, because he knew that’s where she was supposed to be for her first appointment and saw the car in parking lot, and that obviously raised his concerns,” Longshore said.

Neighbors are the condominium told KDVR-TV that they were shocked by the incident.

“It was shocking, because you see a lot of us walking our dogs, and it could have happened to anybody,” said Lizeth Monge, a resident.

The Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office will conduct an autopsy report on the two people. They have not yet released the identity of the man.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Man’s body, dismembered remains of woman found in Aurora

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