The U.S. Empire Is in Serious Danger of Overextending Itself

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This is pure, hubristic neocon delusion.

Here is the Brandon entity recently claiming that the United States could sustain opening a two-front war in the Middle East and Eastern Europe — because, in his words, “this is the United States.”

Janet Yellen – who has proven she knows nothing of geopolitics or war, not to mention the economy she’s shepherding into the ground — agrees.

Via Sky News:

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Janet Yellen has told Sky News the United States can “certainly” afford to support wars on two fronts, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas threatens stability in the Middle East and the US continues to back Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

Talking exclusively to Wilfred Frost ahead of a meeting of finance ministers in Luxembourg, the US Treasury secretary said the economy and public finances were in good shape to ensure backing for US interests abroad.

And here are Republicans of the more — let’s put it charitably — hawkish variety in the Senate, led by rotting corpse Mitch McConnel all dolled up in the finest makeup a Congressional staff can buy, going a step further, promising the government can simultaneously fund:

  • wars in the Middle East
  • war in Eastern Europe
  • war in the Far East
  • protecting the southern border

…all at the same time!

The border! That’s a good one, Mitch. Really funny joke to lighten the mood. Great gallows humor.

But note that in the litany of funding priorities that McConnell rattles off, protecting the border comes not first but last. This is not a mistake for a politician as calculated as Mitch McConnell and his handlers. They intentionally put the border at the bottom of the list because protecting the border is at the bottom of the priority hierarchy.

At any rate, what magical feats the Federal Reserve is capable of! Printing money out of thin air and feeding it into the war machine like a belt feeds bullets into a machine gun. What magical suspension of the laws of physics! War materials manifest endlessly by divine providence into the laps of the global corporate state, as if manna from heaven. The government can also summon endless reserves of oil to fuel said war machine that would otherwise dry up as refineries are inevitably bombed throughout the Middle East should regional war erupt.

These are the proclamations of individuals ensconced comfortably in ivory towers, having sweet little nothings whispered into their ears by defense contractors eager to make a quick buck off of the American public.

Take the morality of funding the various causes — Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan — out of the equation for a moment.

There is such a thing (not that Swamp creatures are not apt to forget it from the lap of luxury) as material reality — which has crumbled empires of the past and will crumble empires of the future. Empire may be maintained for a season, but due to a confluence of internal and external factors it inevitability decays into entropy and is ultimately overcome by the barbarians at the wall, be they literal or metaphysical.

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This spending bonanza is all set against the slow-motion collapse of the petrodollar, which props up the war machine and ensures the financial capacity to sustain the sprawling military presence across the globe.

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