Mainstream media won’t show you this – Boston crowd shouts: ‘Biggest threat in the world today – Israel and the USA!’

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The mainstream media is becoming less and less reliable given its refusal to report straight facts, but luckily we’ve got the scoop for you – the real scoop.

Dave Rubin plays a recent clip that big news companies would never dare to air.

It documents a pro-Palestine rally in Boston, Massachusetts, but unlike other Hamas-supporters who chant about Israel, the radicals at this assembly are also chanting about America.

“The biggest threat in the world today: Israel and the USA!” the crowd roars.

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“So when they try to isolate the Palestinian resistance and vilify it, what are we going to do? We’re gonna fight back, right?” yells one leader through a megaphone, as the crowd erupts in applause and chants of support.

“Did you catch what they were saying?” asks Dave. They are “coming for the rest of the West next,” and if you think “they will wrap it up and go home” if they successfully wipe out Israel, then you’re mistaken because “they will just start moving on.”

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