Jews against GENOCIDE: Protestors amass around home of NY Sen. Chuck Schumer to call for CEASEFIRE in Israel-Hamas war

Jews against GENOCIDE: Protestors amass around home of NY Sen. Chuck Schumer to call for CEASEFIRE in Israel-Hamas war

Not everyone with Jewish blood is pleased about Israel’s ongoing airstrike attacks and planned invasion of the Gaza Strip, including the hundreds of Jewish Voice for Peace Action protesters who gathered outside the Brooklyn home of New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Democrat and Jew who apparently supports Israel and wants more U.S. taxpayer aid to be sent to the Middle Eastern regime.

Hundreds of members of the self-described anti-Zionist activist group were seen with signs and heard with loud voices protesting in New York City’s Grand Army Plaza, located just a few blocks away from Schumer’s posh Park Slope residence.

Because some of the protesters were blocking the street, a public right-of-way, during the rally, several of them were arrested by local police amid calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

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“New York Jews blocking #SenSchumer’s home demanding a ceasefire NOW,” wrote Jewish Voice for Peace Action on X.

In front of the door at the building where Schumer lives, Jewish Voice for Peace Action protesters held up a large sign that read: “Jews say stop genocide against Palestinians.”

(Related: Gaza’s millions of residents are desperately trying to flee as Israeli pushes forward with planned ground invasion of Palestinian territory.)

Schumer, a Jew, supports Israeli operation to clear out Gaza with ground invasion

Dozens of handcuffed protesters were eventually seen being herded onto MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) buses and driven away in a police-led effort to clear out the street and stop the protesters from making their voices heard.


Among those arrested were “rabbis, politicians, scholars and descendants of holocaust survivors – ages 20 to 80,” according to the activist group.

Assembly members Zohran Kwame Mamdani (D-Queens) and Marcela Mitaynes (D-Brooklyn) were among those politicians who were present at the rally before being arrested by police.

Schumer, who is currently regarded as “the highest elected Jewish official in the U.S.,” according to one media source, announced that he is planning to travel to Israel this coming weekend. Once there, he plans to show his support for Israel and its agenda.

Schumer and a political delegation from the U.S. will meet with Israel’s new emergency war government, which includes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to discuss what additional resources, including money, will be sent by the U.S. to Israel to support its fight against “Hamas.”

Earlier on the day of the protest, pro-Palestinian demonstrators were spotted in Manhattan where they marched from Baruch College in Midtown all the way through Times Square, the final destination being the United Nations headquarters on 45th street.

The protesters were seen waving flags and holding signs demanding an immediate end to the war.

Back in March before this latest kerfuffle, more than 200 protesters gathered in New York City to demand an immediate end to all U.S. military funding for Israel. They were apparently all arrested for getting in the way of and upsetting Schumer while at his Park Slope residence.

“What a communist country where the politicians arrest the protestors that are protesting on public streets,” wrote one upset commenter about how freedom of speech is apparently dead in the U.S. – especially when said speech goes against the prevailing narrative.

“The cops are just as bad for violating their constitutional right to assemble and protest.”

Another blasted Schumer for making yet another “weekend trip,” this time under the guise of dealing with the Israeli conflict.

“There’s no limit to the tax dollars spent on junkets,” this person added. “We would have no deficit if the USA wasn’t the world’s ATM. Our politicians continue to spend billions like it’s pocket change.”

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