WATCH LIVE: House Convenes for Second Speaker Vote at 11 AM ET – RINO Opposition to Grassroots Favorite Jim Jordan Reportedly Grows


Rep. Jim Jordan is facing a second vote on his Speakership bid today at 11 AM ET.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported his bid to become Speaker yesterday came up short after 20 RINOS sided with the Democrats in jealous fit of rage.

Jordan must win over at least 15 of these 20 RINOS who did not vote for him in the first vote if he is to become Speaker.

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He faces a tall order, however, as opposition to his candidacy has reportedly grown.

Even a top Jordan ally predicts his support will fall.

Now many of the same RINOs opposing Jordan want to empower acting Speaker and McCarthy ally Patrick McHenry. Here is Florida “Republican” Mario Diaz-Balart explaining the push to make McHenry the de-facto Speaker.

And the Democrats are open to it because their main goal is to defeat Jordan.

McHenry is certainly no movement conservative as activist Joey Mannarino points out. His record on legislation is awful and he refused to stand with President Trump after he objected to the 2020 Presidential election results.

Watch the vote live on Youtube here:

Here is the RSBN Broadcast of the Live vote:

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