Professor calls Israelis ‘pigs,’ ‘savages,’ ‘excrement,’ says ‘may they all rot in hell’ — then performs curious about-face in next-day apology

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A professor on Wednesday apologized for an Instagram story post from the day before in which the prof called Israelis “pigs,” “savages,” “very, very bad people,” and even “irredeemable excrement.”

Mika Tosca — an associate professor with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and self-proclaimed “radically optimistic transsexual climate scientist” — offered the following parting wish for Israelis in Tuesday’s post: “may they all rot in hell.”

The social media post below provides an apparent screenshot of Tosca’s now-deleted words, along with a photo of the professor:

What happened next?

Tosca seemed to experience a 180-degree change of heart the next day, issuing the following apology Wednesday afternoon:

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“Yesterday, I wrote some things on my Instagram story that I unequivocally reject and do not stand behind,” Tosca began. “I am deeply sorry for writing what I wrote, and for hurting many people with my words, and I am especially sorry to Israeli people that I broadly placed at fault for the war. You did not — and do not — deserve that, and I was wrong to post what I posted; I know that my words perpetuated harmful stereotypes.”

Not everyone is buying Tosca’s mea culpa, however:

  • “If you don’t stand behind it, why did you post it?” one commenter wondered. “You’re sorry you got caught, not that you did it.”
  • “Which is your true heart — today or yesterday?” another user asked. “I’m guessing yesterday, and today you’re trying to clean up your disgusting mess.”
  • “Nasty Nazi,” another commenter wrote.

What did the school have to say?

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago on Wednesday offered the following statement to Blaze News in reference to the X post containing what appears to be Tosca’s photo and original words: “One member of our community expressed hateful views, which SAIC repudiates. Those views are not reflective of the school or the values we as a community share.”

(H/T: Campus Reform)

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