Mom finds razor blades affixed on slide at child park moments before her 3-year-old daughter was going to slide down

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A mother in Alaska was shocked to find razor blades affixed to a slide at a children’s park moments before her 3-year-old daughter slid down.

Felicia Pope says she was at the Schroeder Park in Anchorage, Alaska, with her daughter Abigail and husband when she found the razor blades on Oct. 8.

She says her daughter was just about to go down the slide when Pope rushed over to stop her.

“I ran as fast as my body would let me run — even faster,” the mom said. “And if you see the playground, I had to crawl underneath really quickly and jump back up and grab her. It all happened so quickly.”

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Pope said her daughter was just seconds away from sliding into the razor blades.

“It was designed to catch a kid at max force with gravity working against them. It was designed to harm,” she said.

Her husband called police, and when they investigated, they found other razor blades near the staircase of the playground structure. They have been monitoring the park more closely since then.

Pope said that her family had moved from the Philadelphia area to escape crime and find a safer community.

“We are from the East Coast, the greater Philadelphia area. I’ve never heard of anybody putting razor blades (on slides), but I have heard of children being killed by stray bullets,” the mom said. “We left that area and traveled 4,000 miles to the Last Frontier to get back to some old-fashioned ways of living.”

Police said they have no suspects but are investigating the incident. Since no one was harmed, if a suspect is identified, they would only be charged with vandalism.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Razor blades found on an Eagle River park

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