Doorbell video captures armed masked man rush Asian couple in alleged home invasion attempt

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A couple in Washington state was shaken by an alleged home invasion attempt that was captured on their doorbell security video camera.

The incident unfolded on Monday at the couple’s residence in East Hill in the city of Kent in the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area.

The couple told KIRO-TV that they had returned from a casino, and they believe that they had been followed home by the alleged assailant.

The video showed the husband walking into the home and his wife following soon after. She paused for a second when she realized she was not alone, and she turned back before rushing into the house to slam the door shut.

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The video shows the armed masked man trying to open the door and then trying to disable the doorbell camera with the butt of his gun.

Jimmy Huynh, the couple’s son, said that he rushed downstairs to the entrance after hearing the scuffle.

“The moment she got inside the house she did a 360 and leaned as hard as she could on the door and it didn’t close all the way,” said Huynh. “He had his hand in between the doorway and he also had a foot. Kind of like a stop.”

He went on to say that police appeared to recognize a second man who came up after the first alleged assailant.

“And you saw there was an extended magazine on there — I believe there’s like 30 rounds in that easily,” Huynh added.

He said the family and everyone else on the block is on high alert. And he wonders what would have happened had his mother not been so quick to shut the door behind her.

“What would have happened if she wasn’t aware of her surroundings?” he asked.

Here’s the video of the alarming incident:

Ring Video Captures Armed, Masked Stranger Trying to Attack Couple On Their

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