THIS congressman just tossed his conservative credentials in the trash for a job with CNN

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In September, 18 House Republicans showed their true colors.

Those 18 Republicans joined forces with Democrats to kill an amendment to the 2024 Department of Defense Appropriations Act that would have stopped taxpayer dollars from funding Pentagon-sponsored “Pride Month” celebrations.

Rep. Ken Buck (Colo.) was one of them, which is why Mark Levin isn’t surprised at what he’s doing now — trash-talking Trump to Jen Psaki on MSNBC.

“So here we have this guy who is making his bones to get hired by one of these liberal platforms. What is he doing? He’s been trashing Trump,” Levin says.

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In a clip from MSNBC, Psaki notes that Buck has said he would not support a convicted felon for the White House, adding that they call it “the Ken Buck rule.”

A smile shoots across Buck’s face, and Levin is disgusted. “See that? Sick. He’s happy as a duck,” Levin says.

“Here he is on MSNBC, the guy that voted to fund or allow the funding of drag queens at the Pentagon,” Levin continues.

“Why would you not give him a job if you’re on MSNBC and CNN? You want him to do maximum damage before you hire him.”

Psaki continues on in the clip, citing that because Trump was found guilty of fraud, that should call Buck’s support of him into question.

“I was talking about a criminal case,” Buck answers, before continuing to dig a deeper hole. “I do think that people need to look at the behavior of Donald Trump in determining whether he is the best candidate for president.”

“I think if you’re innocent, you act like you’re innocent,” Buck adds.

Levin completely disagrees.

“Trump’s acting like he’s innocent. He’s defending himself. He’s running for president. He has passion, he’s like any other human being that would be facing something like this. To me, he’s acting 100% like he’s innocent,” Levin says.

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