Biden government funnels more than $4.1B into grants for transgender initiatives despite backlash in polls

Biden government funnels more than $4.1B into grants for transgender initiatives despite backlash in polls

An independent website investigation recently revealed that a hefty amount of $4.1 billion from taxpayers’ pockets has been directed by President Joe Biden’s administration into LGBT initiatives, including child mutilations and grooming measures in the education system, over the past three fiscal years. The Epoch Times (ET) conducted an in-depth probe of federal spending between Oct. 1, 2020 and Sept. 30 2021 and found that the U.S. government has already issued more than 1,100 grants to fund LGBT-promoting projects around the world.

The scope of projects varies widely. Here are some of the most expensive government-sponsored “woke projects” that the news outlet found:

  • In 2022, Biden gave the LGBT Life Center in Norfolk, Virginia $1.8 million to create a “safe space for LGBT youth and adults to seek support and resources.”
  • The U.S. government awarded Serbian activist group Grupa Izadji a grant of $500,000 to implement a proposal for encouraging “diversity, equity and inclusion in the country’s workplaces and business communities by promoting the economic empowerment of and opportunity for LGBTQI+ people.”
  • Armenian activist group Pink Human Rights Defender received $1 million from the United States “to empower the LGBT community” in Armenia, a tiny country next to Turkey.

There is also an ongoing grant paid to Emory University for a study that started in 2019 on “the rectal mucosal effects of cross-sex hormone therapy among U.S. and Thai transgender women, ET also found. The project, which has an end date of July 2024, is worth almost $3.5 million and is categorized under “allergy and infectious diseases research.” Its claimed purpose was to “assist public and private nonprofit institutions and individuals to establish, expand and improve biomedical research and research training in infectious diseases and related areas.”

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Another one was a grant that would examine the impact of alcohol on intimate partner violence in transgender and non-gender-conforming adults. Moreover, a 2023 $350,000 project by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) translated the Homosaurus, a thesaurus of LGBT terms, into Spanish. Its website included definitions for sexual terms “anonymous sex,” “aromantic porn films,” “pederasts,” “children’s sexuality,” and “gay children.” It also reclassified the words “gerontophilia,” “ephebophilia” and “hebephilia,” Greek words that mean sexual attraction to the elderly, people 15-19, and children 11-14, respectively, as “fetishes.” LGBT national cultural projects also received funding including more than $333,000 for an LGBT radio and television “digitization and access project” and $324,000 to map historical LGBT spaces through gay travel guides.

As per the website that listed federal expenditures, a list of payouts filtered by using the keyword “LGBT” included 1,181 grants, 31 loans and nine direct payments during the past three fiscal years. Overall, during the past fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, the government issued 454,821 grants. ET further reported that the individual payouts for the “LBGT” grants of at least $1 million totaled more than $3.7 billion combined. Many additional smaller grants were also awarded to “gay mafia” initiatives but were not reviewed. Meanwhile, when the list was filtered for grants including the word “transgender,” 574 were listed, where grants that paid out at least $1 million totaled nearly $478 million. Seven direct payments and nine loans with the keyword “transgender” also were issued by the Biden regime.

“If you search for grants from the Department of Education [DOE] with the word ‘equity’ in them, it’ll blow your mind how much money is being spent just on equity-aligned initiatives,” an independent researcher, who asked not to be named and has been tracking how the federal government spends money on grants related to gender ideology, said. He figures he’s uncovered about $240 million in “grants going toward equity initiatives.”

Woke government grooms children via public education system

The Biden administration, which has been very open in supporting LGBT communities and all that comes with it, such as gender mutilations and alteration interventions, has also been infusing schools with gender ideology and sexual orientation topics via grants. (Related: NEW STUDY: Transgender (mutilation) surgery rates have tripled across all age groups from 2016 to 2019.)

“The federal government is using the grant process to change the culture and climate in America’s public schools,” non-profit Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice told ET. She has seen government-funded activist groups lead the ideological capture of schools in her experience as a local school board member. “The grants go to ‘community partners,’ and ‘community partners’ then go in, and they work to change the procedure in the schools” to favor and teach LGBT activist worldviews, she added, pointing out that the federal government pursues this policy of “cultural revolution” against the will of Americans. She even cited that according to a recent survey by her group, more than 70 percent of Americans want schools to teach basic educational skills and do not want gender ideology or sexual orientation instruction in classrooms.

But the left cult is prevailing as the government continues to funnel whopping amounts of money into these projects. In fact, DOE gave $1.2 million to “LGBTQIA+ pride centers” in the San Diego Community College District. Another DOE grant of almost $1.6 million was awarded for North Dakota’s “indigenous, LGBTQIA+, rural and underserved school-based mental health needs.” Boston College also won a grant amounting to $1.4 million for a study that would look into “mechanisms of health promotion in diverse youth through gay-straight alliances.”

“The federal government thumbs their nose at the American people and continues to push this ideology into our schools,” Justice said. “They’re doing it all over the world.” contains more about this topic, including stories on violent sex change procedures.

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