Federal Lawsuit Filed Over New York State Ban on Gas Stoves That Democrats Said Wasn’t Happening


Remember the stupid ban on gas stoves? The one that Democrats insisted wasn’t happening?

Two professional groups have just filed a federal lawsuit over the ban in New York, claiming that the state doesn’t have the authority to put such a ban in place.

There needs to be more legal action like this. Democrats are out of bounds on this issue.

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The FOX Business Network reports:

New York gas stove ban heats up as gas and construction groups file federal lawsuit

A group of gas and construction trade groups filed a federal lawsuit Thursday challenging the legality of New York’s ban on gas stoves and furnaces in new residential buildings in a move to challenge Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul’s push for green energy.

The case was filed by the National Association of Home Builders and the National Propane Gas Association, among others and names the New York Department of State as a defendant on the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that New York does not have the legal ability to enforce the gas stove ban because a preexisting federal law, called the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) of 1975, already regulates energy use policies.

“EPCA reflects Congress’s decision that the nation’s energy policy cannot be dictated by state and local governments,” the lawsuit says. “Such a patchwork approach would be the antithesis of a national energy policy.”

The builder and propane associations are asking a federal judge to rule that the state’s ban is unenforceable under federal law and for it to be blocked before it takes effect in 2026.

Republicans in the state are against the ban.

Why can’t liberals just mind their own business on this? People should be free to choose what kind of stove they want.

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