Father and son arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography, both worked as teachers at New Jersey grade school

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Parents of students at a New Jersey grade school are outraged after a father and son who taught there were arrested for possession of child pornography.

65-year-old Jeffrey Grossman and his son 24-year-old Steven Grossman were arrested on accusations that they viewed, downloaded, and possessed child pornography. Parents heard about the arrests on Thursday.

The younger Grossman worked as a substitute teacher at Midland elementary school.

One parent was concerned because the older Grossman had accompanied students on a school trip to Washington, D.C., in May.

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“And he confiscated their phones every night. So my fear now was he’s looking at my kids’ pictures – my girls in their bikinis at that young age,” said Julie Agatone to WABC-TV.

Others want to know how long their children were exposed to the Grossmans while the Bergen County Prosecutors Office investigated the accusations.

Dr. Sue DeNobile, superintendent of the Rochelle Park School District, said in a statement to parents that both of the accused suspects were “prohibited from coming to the school for any reason and are prohibited from contacting any student or staff.”

The older Grossman served as the Borough council president in Tenafly, and a video report from WABC showed the image of a political yard sign identifying him as a Democrat.

“I think it is in the best interest of the borough that Mr. Grossman steps down in order that the people’s business can continue uninterrupted and without distraction,” read a statement from Tenafly Mayor Mark Zinna.

Parents told WABC that they intended to confront school district officials at their next public meeting.

The Grossmans appeared in court on Friday, and an attorney for the older Grossman entered a not guilty plea while no plea was entered for the son.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Father and son teachers arrested, accused of possessing child pornographywww.youtube.com

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