Video: Parents chase naked man through JCPenny store after he allegedly tried to touch children

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Disturbing video shows the moment that concerned parents allegedly chased and thrashed a naked man in a JCPenny store in Washington state after he reportedly tried to touch children.

A naked man is seen on a viral video in the children’s clothing section of a JCPenny store in a Seattle suburb on Oct. 1. Three men are seen confronting the nude man. The men chase after the naked man through the JCPenny store.

During the chase, the nude man grabbed a pair of pants off the store display and put them on while trying to escape the men pursuing him. However, the men physically assaulted the nudist. One man is seen wildly punching the naked man. In the background, children could be heard crying.

Finally, one of the men said that the naked man had learned his lesson and that it had been “enough” punishment.

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The Tukwila Police Department said in a statement, “The individual depicted in the video was in mental crisis. Shortly after the video shared online ends, the individual had a serious medical emergency which necessitated the need for medics and transportation to the hospital.”

The woman filming the video is heard saying, “He’s like, holding the kid. He has two kids with him.”

Seattle-area journalist Jonathan Choe said, “Naked man allegedly tried to touch kids in Southcenter Mall. Bystanders moved in and obliterated him.”

Police said they have yet to find any evidence that the naked man attempted to molest any children.

The unidentified naked man was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault.

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