Trudeau PUNISHES Canadian detective for investigating link between mRNA COVID “vaccines” and infant deaths

Trudeau PUNISHES Canadian detective for investigating link between mRNA COVID “vaccines” and infant deaths

In a story that few know about due to heavy censorship in the establishment media, a prominent Canadian detective is under attack by the regime of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau simply because she was in the process of investigation a link between Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” and a massive increase in infant deaths.

Constable Helen Grus, a 20-year veteran detective with the sexual assault and child abuse unit of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS), has been taken to court by Trudeau who wants her punished for looking into whether or not the babies who died suddenly during the “pandemic” came from parents who had been jabbed for the Fauci Flu.

It all started when Grus contacted the father of a deceased infant who died on Jan. 30, 2022, to ask him about the mother’s COVID injection status. This set off a firestorm of controversy that resulted in Grus being sued by the Trudeau regime, which aggressively pushed COVID jabs after the launch of Operation Warp Speed here in the United States.

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“The investigation by Ottawa Police into potential links between mRNA vaccines and Sudden Infant Deaths in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers was halted due to Grus’s suspension and subsequent charges,” explains The American Conservative editor Christopher Brunet in a guest post for The Dossier.

“Formally, Grus is charged with ‘discreditable conduct’ under section 2(1) of Ontario’s Police Services Act, plus, the prosecution has served her with a notice of increased penalty, which allows the OPS to seek her dismissal, demote her, or ask for a forfeiture of pay or vacation.”


(Related: The Canadian government under Trudeau has budgeted millions of dollars for the continuation of so-called “vaccine passports” well into 2026.)

Ottawa Police Sergeant Marc-Andre Guy orders all Ottawa Police SIDS investigators: Don’t mention the COVID vaccines again

At the time of Grus’s firing, Ottawa Police Sergeant Marc-Andre Guy issued an order to all law enforcement officers on the force who were assigned to investigate cases of sudden infant death syndrome, also known as SIDS, to stop mentioning or trying to link COVID injections to infant deaths.

Guy was apparently threatened by the Trudeau regime, or is perhaps directly aligned with its coverup operation that seeks to withhold the truth from the public about what COVID injections are doing not only to the people who receive them, but also to their offspring.

Interestingly, before Grus’s suspension was even made public, CBC Ottawa, which is basically state-run media at this point, published a story based on anonymous leaks from within the Ottawa Police Service that initiated a trial by jury against Grus.

“Detective tried to uncover vaccine status of dead children’s parents, sources say,” reads the biting CBC Ottawa headline on the story, which attempts to make Grus look like a deranged nutcase.

“Before publishing the story, CBC gave the OPS a 24-hour deadline to respond, thus commandeering the direction and timeline of the internal investigation,” Brunet explains about the timeline of events.

Another ding on Grus’s record in the eyes of the Trudeau regime is the fact that she allegedly held anti-mask and anti-vaccine views in the workplace. Grus was one of fewer than 10 Ottawa police officers who was placed on unpaid leave for refusing to get mandatorily jabbed for COVID.

According to the Ottawa Police Service, Grus’s suspension is simply “related to an ongoing conduct investigation by the professional standards unit,” even though prior to all this she had near-perfect performance reviews stating that she regularly “meets and exceeds expectations” and “exceeds all expectations.”

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