DEVELOPING: Jim Jordan Re-Enters Race For Speaker After Scalise Drops Out


House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) will run for House Speaker again after Steve Scalise dropped out of the race Thursday night.

“House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan said on Friday that he is re-entering the race for speaker, just a day after the GOP’s nominee, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, dropped his bid for the top job after failing to lock up enough support.” – NBC News reported.

Jim Jordan and Rep. Steve Scalise announced their bid for House Speaker last week.

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House Republicans on Wednesday voted behind closed doors and chose Scalise as the nominee for Speaker in a 113-99 vote.

Scalise dropped out of the race late Thursday night after he was unable to garner enough support for a full House vote.

Congressman Richard Hudson, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee endorsed Jim Jordan Friday morning.

“I believe Jim Jordan is the person who should lead us. The House Republican Majority is the last best chance to stop Biden and the anti-American liberals who are dragging this country down. We must unite behind one leader with the integrity, the ability and the vision to lead us. I believe Jim Jordan is that leader and I ask my colleagues to join me now,” Hudson said in a statement.

Kevin McCarthy was ousted as House Speaker last Tuesday in a 216-210 vote after Rep. Matt Gaetz filed a Motion to Vacate the Chair.

8 Republicans voted to oust McCarthy on Tuesday: Biggs, Buck, Burchett, Crane, Gaetz, Good, Mace, and Rosendale.

McCarthy is now the “shortest serving speaker since 1876.”

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