Video: Hamas spokesman walks out of Chris Cuomo interview; Cuomo says spokesman can’t deal with ‘reality of the pain’ his ‘terror organization’ has ’caused’

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Hamas’ main spokesperson was caught on video walking out of an interview with NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo — and Cuomo fired back, saying the spokesperson simply couldn’t deal with “reality of the pain” his own “terror organization” has “caused.”

What are the details?

Cuomo has been reporting live from Israel in the wake of Hamas’ surprise attack against Israel over the weekend and Israel’s military response.

On Tuesday night Cuomo was readying for an interview with Osama Hamdan, the main spokesperson for Hamas, and Cuomo told viewers that “some of you will be disgusted by that. I know some of you will be excited by that,” but “let’s see if Hamas can justify what they’ve done in the name of anything that is about peace or about humanity. Let’s test what their own answers are to what’s happening in the north and to what they have done to people here.”

NewsBusters noted that prior to the planned Hamdan interview, Cuomo spoke with two men whose family members were abducted by Hamas terrorists as well Lee Sasi, a survivor of Hamas’ attack on music festival attendees over the weekend.

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“Everybody was dying in front of me,” she told Cuomo, according to NewsBusters. “I was sitting on them, and then they started throwing grenades. I had to bury myself under the bodies.”

Perhaps that was more than Hamdan could endure, as Cuomo soon announced that “Hamas’ spokesperson has walked away” from the interview.

“Now, obviously they were watching the show,” Cuomo noted to his viewers. “We gave an opportunity to them in good faith to come on and make their case. He has decided to storm off during truthful accounts of what his organization has endorsed and committed on its own accord and interests. That is the reality. He had an opportunity. He walked away. If he comes back, he’ll still get the opportunity, because that’s the job. But if he walks away after listening to Lee and understanding the reality, that tells you what you need to know.”

Cuomo later emphasized to viewers, “To be clear, for those of you saying, ‘Oh, you were going to talk to Hamas, then you didn’t because you’re biased.’ Please. All right? Know or be quiet. All right?” Cuomo then showed video of Hamdan walking away from the interview, noting that the Hamas spokesman was saying, “I don’t like the studio, I thought we were going to be on …”

Then Hamdan, speaking to the camera, is seen saying, “I will give you one minute, and then I will leave. Thank you. No, you didn’t told [sic] me the situation would be like this. I will leave. Thank you very much.”

After showing video of Hamdan ditching the interview, Cuomo said, “So, he decided to walk way, and I’ll tell you why. You don’t have to be a mind reader. He didn’t want to have to follow the reality of the pain his organization has caused. Hamas is a terror organization.”

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