NewsBusters Podcast: PBS NewsHour Staunchly Promotes Gender Benders

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A seven-month study of PBS NewsHour segments on LGBT issues found the taxpayer-funded “news” network was overwhelmingly favorable to the libertine left, promoting drag queens in Christmas parades and painting Republicans as endangering the very existence of people denying their biological reality.

The pro-LGBTQ view received 90.2 percent of the airtime on these issues, and the guests on the show had a 19-to-1 tilt. Put an asterisk on that number, since the “one” was lesbian tennis legend Billie Jean King asserting that biological males shouldn’t compete in women’s sports at the elite level like the Olympics. Her interview was originally focused on pay inequity in sports, but the transgender question was asked.

Our PBS point man Clay Waters joined the show to discuss the findings. NewsHour anchor Amna Nawaz shamed Republican presidential candidates for bills “targeting” transgender children (on women’s sports or gender-denying surgeries and therapies).

On the other hand, Nawaz pandered to transgender Democrat state legislator “Zooey Zephyr,” playing up her murderous-Republican hyperbole: “You know, when you spoke in your defense before the vote today, you said that you felt you were being asked to be — quote — ‘complicit in the eradication of your community.’ What did you mean by that?”

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Nawaz added: “You know, we looked up some statistics. This is something you have spoken about before, the link between some of the political rhetoric and real-world violence in particular.” Either Republicans were going to spur gender-confused people to commit suicide, or their dissent was going to inspire homicide. All with your tax dollars.

We also discuss Hamas waging war on Israeli civilians, and how The New York Times and NBC felt it necessary to promote pro-Hamas protesters and downplay or ignore all the signs of eliminationist rhetoric about casting all the Jews of Israel into the sea. Suddenly they can’t find a swastika at a Palestinian rally, or hear the anti-Semitism on the Left. 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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