Family of man sought for alleged murder of Josh Kruger says liberal activist was threatening to release their sexually explicit videos

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The family of a man being sought in the murder of a liberal journalist in Philadelphia says that the victim was threatening to release videos of the two men engaging in sex.

39-year-old social justice activist Josh Kruger was shot and killed at his apartment on Sept. 2, according to police who later identified 19-year-old Robert Edmond Davis as their primary suspect. Kruger was praised by many in the community or his work advocating for LGBTQ and homeless causes.

While police said they were still investigating the motive of the murder, Davis’ family has revealed that he told them Kruger had threatened to post sexually explicit videos of them together, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Kruger also reportedly began a relationship with Davis that involved drugs when he was only 15 years old, according to his mother Damica Davis.

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She told the Inquirer that her son had told her he was in a relationship with a woman in government but that the name that popped up on his phone often was “Josh.” The family later realized that Kruger had worked at the Office of Homeless Services at the time that Davis said he was in a relationship.

“We’ve only had pieces of everything. We could never put the pieces together, and now everything is coming out and we see what’s going on,” said Damica Davis.

Police sources said that they found meth at Davis’ home while investigating his murder and that he was concealing parts of his life.

Davis’ mother told the Inquirer that there’s no excuse if her son killed Kruger.

“It’s tragic what happened,” she said. “But I feel like my son is a victim in this, as well.”

Police are searching for Davis and say that he could be armed and dangerous.

Here’s a local news report about the murder:

BREAKING: 19-year-old wanted for murder of Philadelphia journalist Josh

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