DEVELOPING: Active Shooter Situation at Historically Black Morgan State University in Baltimore- Multiple People Shot (VIDEO)

Credit: @rawsalerts

Baltimore, Maryland – There is an active shooter gunning down innocent students at a historically black college campus in far-left Baltimore.

The Associated Press reported multiple people were shot at Morgan State University in Baltimore Tuesday night.

Baltimore Police said on X (formerly Twitter) that people need to shelter in place and avoid the Morgan State campus at this time.

Several individuals were reportedly shot inside the food hall, with as many as six people injured. Police indicate there may be more than one gunman.

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Shots were fired from upper floor dorm room window. The university is currently on lockdown.


ATF agents are also assisting Baltimore police.

UPDATES: Baltimore police now say this is no longer an active shooter situation. A briefing is scheduled to begin soon.

Police are looking for THREE shooters who remain at large.

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