‘Ultra Right’ Beer Featuring Trump’s Mugshot on Track to Become ‘Most Sought-After Collector Beer Can in American History’


A beer featuring former President Donald Trump’s mugshot is on track to become the “most sought-after collector beer can in American history,” according to the brand’s founder.

Ultra Right Beer, a brand created after Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, was the brainchild of conservative entrepreneur Seth Weathers.

After Trump’s arrest, the company released “CONSERVATIVE DAD’S REVENGE!” special edition cans.

According to a report from Fox Business, the company “raked in half a million dollars in just 12 hours after it released a special edition can that featured the historic mugshot of former President Trump.”

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Weathers told FOX Business that the sales were the equivalent of five tractor-loads of cans. Weathers said this puts the beer on track to become “the most sought-after collector beer can in American history.”

“We knew people would go wild over these collector cans, but we had no idea the response would be this crazy,” said Weathers in a press release.

“Sales have poured in from the moment we launched,” Weathers added. “With over $1 million in beer and merchandise sales, we’ve raised over $50,000 for the legal defense of the Georgia Trump electors and the Georgia Republican Party. Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer puts our money where our mouth is – we’re doing our part to fight back against the unjust persecution of American patriots.”

Ten percent of the beer’s proceeds will be donated to the Georgia Republican Party legal defense fund and the David Shafer Legal Defense Fund.

“Each sale defends conservatives against the unconstitutional prosecution by the communist Fulton County District Attorney,” Ultra Right said of Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis, who filed 13 charges against Trump related to alleged election interference.

Ultra Right anti-woke beer sold over a million dollars within its first two weeks.

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