WATCH: Pop Singer Pink Has Full-Blown Tantrum Over Concert Attendee’s Anti-Circumcision Message on His Phone


Pop singer Pink interrupted her San Antonio concert this week to cuss out an attendee over an anti-circumcision message on his phone.

The singer was in the middle of her performance on Monday when a concertgoer held up his phone with a message on it.

“What does that say?” Pink said to the man. “Oh wow, you’re making a whole point right now, aren’t ya? Do you feel good about yourself?”

The phone screen had the words, “CIRCUMCISION CRUEL & UNUSUAL.”

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The man appeared to exchange words with the 44-year-old pop star, though it was inaudible on fan-recorded videos of the incident.

“Are you gonna be alright? You spent all this money to come here and do that? Come on, dude. I’m gonna have to buy a Birkin bag with that ticket money,” Pink said, referencing an extremely expensive Hermes purse. “Get that s— out of here.”

Pink, who normally has no problem expressing her own views on social justice issues, continued railing against the fan.

“He wants all of you to read it. He came here tonight to talk about circumcision,” Pink said.

The singer was not about to let it go, and demanded that he be kicked out of the concert — which he was.

“Get out. We need to get that out of here. Get it out. Get that cancer out, man.”

“I feel bad. I feel bad that he wasted his time tonight,” Pink said as he was escorted out of the concert.

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