Texas Church Taking Transgender Kids to Blue States for Puberty Blockers and Surgeries

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Not every church is actually a “church” in the biblical sense of the term. This fact has become abundantly clear here in the Western world, particularly in the United States, as more and more of these so-called spiritual institutions abandon the true Christian faith in order to go with the flow of popular culture, appeal more to the woke crowd, and fill up their pews and their coffers.

Church which was formerly a sacred place where one could hear the Bible taught accurately and faithfully, leading many to repentance, faith, and legitimate salvation, which is found in Jesus Christ. But lots of mainline evangelical establishments have sold out Jesus for a quick buck and street cred, leading to all sorts of madness from the pulpit.

One example of the modern-day madness in woke churches comes from an unlikely place: Fort Worth, Texas. One such institution is working tirelessly to make sure that GOP-created legislation will not prevent confused children who claim to be transgender from getting their private parts cut off and receiving hormone therapies to encourage their delusion.

And just how are they accomplishing such a mission? By providing transportation for these kids in order to get them to blue states where they can receive these permanent, life-altering procedures. What do you expect from a church that refers to the Creator as “Mother-Father” and where congregants are called “co-conspirators?”

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According to The Blaze, Galileo Church states on its own website that its top priority is to “do justice for LGBTQ+ humans, and support the people who love them.”

Check out more details on this from the report:

Despite recognizing that parishioners are “made imago Dei – in the very image of God,” the Galileo Church appears keen on supporting works of ungodly iconoclasm.

This summer, Galileo, which has previously accused Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of being a “terrorist,” founded the North Texas TRANS-portation Network in response to Texas Republicans’ successful passage of SB14, ratified by Gov. Greg Abbott in June.

TheBlaze previously reported that prohibited procedures under the law are those “for the purpose of transitioning a child’s biological sex as determined by the sex organs, chromosomes, and endogenous profiles of the child or affirming the child’s perception of the child’s sex if that perception is inconsistent with the child’s biological sex.”

The ministry at the church provides individuals with travel grants for those trying to get their transgender children into blue states to receive hormone therapy and genital reassignment surgeries. The NTTN page states that “withholding necessary care for trans kids is state-sponsored cruelty. As neighbors to one another, we seek ways to help each other’s families flourish.”

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Wouldn’t encouraging a depressed person to cut their wrists also be considered a form of cruelty? I’m sure the vast majority of decent human beings would say yes. This would be encouraging someone to indulge the delusions of their depression which tell them the lie that life isn’t worth living. If we don’t indulge that particular delusion and mental illness, why do we do so with transgenderism?

A study published Sept. 19, 2022, in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy revealed that the puberty blockers NTTN grantees might receive at their destinations won’t afford them the opportunity to flourish. Instead, luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonists, “licensed to chemically castrate men,” will instead sterilize patients, deplete their bone density, hamper their cognitive development, and wreak havoc on their emotional states.

According to the website, all of the money from these grants goes to applicants and comes from private funding sources.

An LGBTQ activist blog called The Pink Times reported that a $1,000 grant does not require those applying for it to be members of the church or to be involved in any of its activities, nor do they need to subscribe to a specific set of religious beliefs. The biggest requirement is that an applicant come from one of the 19 counties that make up the northern part of Texas.

Speaking with CBS News Texas, Cynthia Daniels, the executive director of the NTTN, said, “I’m a mother, I have three kids so and I have always been able to get the health care for my kids that they desperately needed. So to me, it’s just being a good neighbor to a group of people who have been selected to not be able to receive their health care, and to me that’s devastating.”

The church’s lead evangelist, Katie Hays, remarked, “They’re hurt by the rejection of the neighbors; they really feel alone and like Texas does not have their back.”

Maybe that’s because they know that, in the long run, supporting mental illness delusions will be far more devastating for the child than temporarily hurting his or her feelings by telling the truth: biological males are and always will be boys, and the same for girls. You can’t change that.

The organization stated that they have had two applicants for the grants and helped to raise enough money to send one poor child to the meat grinder.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the denomination that Galileo is a part of, is a huge fan of LGBT activism. In May, they put out a letter that slammed laws across the U.S. that prevented children from getting these procedures.

“Trans youth and their families deserve the human dignity to seek medical care and build lives of joy and thriving,” the letter stated. “As leaders across the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) we encourage the church not only to take increased steps towards education, welcome and cultivating trust but to consider the ways in which the church can be a force for wholeness in communities across the United States, decrying violence and encouraging the full inclusivity and thriving of all of God’s beloved children.”

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