Social Justice™ Activists Slam The New Yorker as ‘Ableist,’ ‘Ageist’ For Cover Depicting Biden, McConnell Using Walkers

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The New Yorker recently published a cover story on the increasingly obvious gerontocracy ruling over America’s governing institutions (or at least appearing to rule over America’s governing institutions, representative republicanism being largely a vestigial façade at this point).

In response, rather than addressing the substance of the criticism of demented representatives unable to manage their own finances but apparently suitable for governing the world’s largest economy, Social Justice™ activists have accused the publication of a slew of predictable -isms.

Here’s an excerpt that encapsulates the gist of the feature and the cover image, via The New Yorker:

Is the U.S.—long thought to be the land of new beginnings—in danger of becoming a sclerotic gerontocracy? “In a declining society, the images of an aging leadership can come to embody a general sense of withering and decay,” David Remnick writes in the Comment for the October 2, 2023, issue. “A civic nightmare becomes the caricaturist’s dream.” For the issue’s cover, the cartoonist Barry Blitt portrays the irony and absurdity of the advanced-age politicians currently vying for our top offices. Blitt, who, at sixty-five, is a qualified member of the past-their-prime cohort, also drew from his own experience. As a fellow old duffer (I’m nearly three years older than he is), I called him for a kvetch fest and was rewarded with talk of borrowed walkers, missing teeth, lost hair, and some new belly buttons.

Of course, The New Yorker is obliged to include Trump in the story to appease their rabid leftist reader base, notwithstanding that he is only about a thousand times more virile than Biden or Pelosi or McConnell, each of whom at various times has been caught on camera barely able to talk.

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The obvious reason that the technocrats prefer the likes of Biden, Pelosi, McConnell, and Feinstein remain in office indefinitely is that they can be reliably counted on to vote the right way — meaning in favor of forever wars, the national security state, perpetual taxpayer giveaways to the pharmaceutical industry, etc.

If their corpses, upon passing, could be rolled out and made to mouth “yay” or “nay” before returning to the crypt for safekeeping, that would be all the better.

What sounds like conspiracy theory to the casual observer is right out in the open for anyone to observe. It’s not hyperbole to claim these puppets are literally instructed on how to vote. Here is Dianne Feinstein being prodded to “just say aye” at a recent Senate session.

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At any rate, the NPCs on X/Twitter — the kinds of people with preferred pronouns and syringes in their bios who build clout by complaining about any form of alleged discrimination they can suss out of pop culture — are very upset that their Dear Leaders are depicted in such an unflattering manner:

What a noxiously inane cover. Age is not a disability; physical ability has nothing to do with mental competence. This slams them all for their age and says nothing about their mental and moral condition, which varies widely among these four.

Wow – missed the mark massively here. Ableist and ageist.

Hey, New Yorker: THIS is seriously your cover for next week’s magazine? Not only is it incredibly ageist but it’s ableist & a slap in the face to every person in America who needs a walker & who has a disability. This is disgusting & vulgar beyond words. Just STOP it already.

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