Joe Biden’s latest claims about vaccinations and the economy warrant a FACT-CHECK

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If you’re a fan of laughing at President Joe Biden, there’s good news.

As of this weekend, there are even more reasons to laugh. Biden took to the podium to tell a cheering audience that while his detractors often poke fun at his age, he still saved the country.

“I vaccinated the nation and rebuilt the economy,” he said triumphantly (and stupidly).

“Those aren’t the wins you think they are,” Keith Malinak comments, laughing. Pat Gray is in agreement, noting that Biden “forced” many Americans to get vaccinations, and “people are still dying to this day from that.”

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“The vaccine has really messed up some lives, and you forced people into getting it, otherwise they’d lose their jobs,” Gray continues, adding, “and the economy is in shambles. Are you seriously trying to claim that you fixed the economy?”

But Biden didn’t stop at claiming he “vaccinated the nation” and “rebuilt the economy.”

“When Russia invaded Ukraine, I knew what to do. I rebuilt NATO and brought our alliance to rally the world,” he told the audience.

Gray notes that the only reason Russia invaded Ukraine under Biden is because the Russians were afraid to do it under Trump.

“They had the green light now because Biden’s in office,” he says. “So he knew what to do. Start sending them hundreds of billions of dollars, and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons that we now don’t have. Send them all our ammo, which we now face a shortage of.”

But according to Biden, despite all his “wins,” he still has more work to do.

“I wish I could say the threat to our democracy has ended with our victory in 2020, but it didn’t. Our democracy is still at stake. We have more work to do, you and I,” Biden continued. “Because our most important freedom is the right to choose, the right to vote, the right to be who you are, love who you love. These basic rights are being attacked.”

The president went on to claim that children are now afraid of being gunned down in school by “weapons of war” because of the people “banning books.”

“Nobody’s banning books, douchebag,” Gray says. “Stop your lies.”

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