OUTRAGE: Maine high school slips antidepressant ZOLOFT into student’s secret take-home baggie, then calls CPS on dad for finding out and complaining about it

OUTRAGE: Maine high school slips antidepressant ZOLOFT into student’s secret take-home baggie, then calls CPS on dad for finding out and complaining about it

A taxpayer-funded health clinic operating within Lawrence High School in Fairfield, Me., is reportedly secretly drugging its students with antidepressants without telling their parents about it – and if you say anything about it, the school might call Child Protective Services (CPS) on you.

This is what allegedly happened to Eric Sack, the father of a girl who attends Lawrence High School. The child was reportedly sent home with a secret baggy filled with prescription antidepressant drugs like Zoloft that came from the school’s Bulldog Health Center, which is a federally funded School Based Health Center (SBHC).

When Sack discovered the pills, he immediately addressed this affront to his parental rights by contacting Lawrence High School Principal Dan Bowers to complain about the undisclosed drug treatment protocol the school prescribed to his daughter without his consent.

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Bowers told Sack that he is not responsible for what happened because the SBHC is a separate entity from the school that is not under his control, even though it operates on school property and provides health care services for the school’s students.

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Refusing to allow strangers to drug your children is now considered “child abuse”

Representatives from the Bulldog Health Center, which is operated by the Waterville-based HealthReach Community Health Centers, told Sack that they are legally allowed to prescribe whatever they want to Lawrence High School students, and that they do not have to tell parents about it.


Sack was further told by the rep that the Bulldog Health Center is also not responsible for not putting a proper safety label on the drug baggie, which was taken home to a household with two other young children who could have found it and taken the drugs, potentially poisoning or killing them.

In response to all this, Sack decided to pull his daughter out of the public school and get her in to see a doctor and a therapist.

“I’m looking out for the best interests of my daughter,” Sack said. “That’s why I pulled her out of school. Because I don’t think she really ought to be there if they’re going to start giving her pills, you know? Until I sit down with a doctor that I pick for my daughter, not through the school.”

As punishment for Sack doing this, someone from either the school or the health clinic contacted the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Child and Family Services (CFS), which is part of the division of Maine’s state government tasked with investigating allegations of child abuse.

An agent from Child Protective Services (CPS) also ended up calling Sack as well to inform him that an agent would soon be arriving for a “surprise” visit to conduct a child welfare investigation.

“They called and said it was an emergency situation at my house, that I was pretty near holding my daughter hostage, is what the gentleman that came yesterday told me,” Sack said. “He had information that only the school and Bulldog Health Center had.”

As promised, CPS Agent Dylan Wood showed up at Sack’s home and grilled him and his family for three hours, including asking them if there were any firearms inside the home. In the end, Wood realized that Sack had done nothing wrong, and that someone had simply called CPS and CFS as retribution from him exercising his parental rights.

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