NewsBusters Podcast: Psaki and Hillary Agree Putin Ruined the 2016 Election

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In a softball interview at the Clinton Global Initiative, MSNBC’s Jen Psaki nudged Hillary Clinton about being wronged by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin in 2016. Hillary said “I don’t think, despite all the deniers, there’s any doubt he interfered in our election.” Democrats claim that election denial is dangerously anti-democratic…until they participate in it.

Psaki asked if Americans should be alarmed if Putin will sway the election again in 2024. Hillary bumbled when she denounced Putin’s “opus operandi.” It’s “modus operandi,” oh learned one.

The first question was: how is Biden doing? Hillary claimed she was happy with where the Democrats are. That’s not true. Democrats cannot believe Trump is even with Biden — and certainly won’t believe the new poll that says Trump is up ten points.

The real pandering began when Psaki about disrespect for Vice President Kamala Harris. Psaki insisted Hillary has “fought against more sexism in public than anyone,” from Putin to the right-wingers. Hillary claimed Kamala faced more “scrutiny” due to her color and gender, but she couldn’t possibly mean scrutiny from the “legacy media.” 

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Psaki ended her Hillary shoeshine by asking about the “so-called” impeachment inquiry based on “no proof.” Hillary Clinton wouldn’t hear the laughter when she says those rabid Republicans “don’t care what the truth and facts are.” From the woman who insisted her husband didn’t cheat on her with the intern.

We also discuss Jim Acosta having a meltdown on CNN when Republican Rep. Ralph Norman suggested President Biden created an open border, and he did that in purpose. Acosta took great exception to this argument. Norman asked if he’d been to the border. Acosta shot back, “I’ll ask the questions, sir. And the border is not open. That is, that is something that is peddled as a talking point, but it’s not true.” Acosta went to the border in 2019 to suggest it was “tranquil” under Trump, which wasn’t the flex he thought it was.

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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