Jabbed-up Jimmy Kimmel, who once said hospitals shouldn’t treat the unvaccinated, cancels live show after contracting COVID

Jabbed-up Jimmy Kimmel, who once said hospitals shouldn’t treat the unvaccinated, cancels live show after contracting COVID

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has canceled his upcoming live Strike Force Three show after contracting Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

He was scheduled to appear at the MGM in Las Vegas to record a live episode of the podcast with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. The comedians have been hosting the podcast during the Writer’s Guild of America strike, along with late-night hosts John Oliver and Seth Meyers, with proceeds going toward covering the costs of their crews as they remain out of work.

“Well, Las Vegas, I got COVID, and sadly, we need to cancel this weekend’s Strike Force Three show. I could never live with myself if I got my hometown friends sick.”

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Of course, it’s likely that his “hometown friends,” like him, are all vaccinated, so he is essentially acknowledging that the jab he mercilessly mocked people for avoiding is not effective at preventing the disease in the first place, something that we are seeing more evidence of every day.

This is the same Jimmy Kimmel who joked in his show’s fall premiere in 2021 that hospitals shouldn’t treat people who used Ivermectin to treat COVID-19, buying into the media’s lies that the drug was horse medicine unsuitable for human usage.

On that occasion, he referenced a statement by Dr. Anthony Fauci that ICUs were filling up and hospitals would have to make “tough choices.”

Kimmel said: “That choice doesn’t seem so tough to me. Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes, come right in. We’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, wheezy.”


Since he is such a fan of Dr. Fauci, perhaps he could have hosted the show anyway and worn a mask. After all, if you believe Fauci, masks can stop the disease from spreading.

Kimmel is never called out on hypocrisy, however, because he is revered by the mainstream media for his brazen attacks on conservatives, who are largely the target of the jokes on his show. He has even gone so far as to compare the state of Florida under Governor Ron DeSantis to North Korea.

Kimmel’s past includes being a host of The Man Show, a program in which male comics made fun of women that ended with girls in bikinis jumping on trampolines, something the woke left would never stand for today.

Likewise, he has never been called out for the homophobic slurs he used against Fox News’ Sean Hannity or the fact that he wore blackface on several occasions during The Man Show to impersonate Oprah Winfrey and Karl Malone. This sort of thing would be enough for the woke left to call for other celebrities to be canceled, but they’re willing to look the other way because he’s all too happy to push the left’s liberal agenda and mock conservatives every chance he gets.

High-profile COVID cancellations could be part of a vaccine scare tactic

He’s not the only entertainer to contract the virus recently. Sherri Shepherd canceled tapings of her daytime talk show this week after testing positive for the virus, while Steve Martin announced that he would need to cancel shows in Las Vegas due to the virus as well.

“Unfortunately, our sold-out shows at the Wynn in Las Vegas this Friday and Saturday has to be postponed because of rampant COVID in our crew and one other essential guy,” Martin announced on X.

Why are we suddenly seeing so many high-profile COVID cancellations lately? It wouldn’t be surprising if it’s all part of a concerted effort to scare Americans into lining up for their next batch of boosters.

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