Burglary victim gets the last laugh after using tracker in designer purse to lead police to suspects

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A burglary crew was nabbed by police after the efforts of a victim who used a tracker in a designer purse to lead police to the suspects.

The Los Angeles Police Department said that the victim of a burglary saw the crew at his home through surveillance video and also through the sudden movement of the tracker in the purse.

He went to the location of the tracker and witnessed the crew working at another house. The car he saw there matched the description of the car he saw at his home.

“He had already seen surveillance footage from his house, and he saw the same vehicle parked in front of a house,” said LAPD Detective Timothy Kirkpatrick to KCAL-TV. “He saw them fleeing from a house with property put inside of the car and quickly driving away.”

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He then contacted police and led them to the location of the tracker in Inglewood.

Police said that a police helicopter captured footage of the alleged burglars trying to break into a safe that they had stolen that same day. They arrested three suspects and discovered merchandise, firearms, and the stolen handbag in the home.

Investigators believe the burglary crew was involved in more than 20 thefts from homes in the Los Angeles area.

“The M.O. they were using, they were going along the side of the house into the rear yard and smashing one of the windows and going inside,” said Kirkpatrick.

“This is a significant arrest,” he added. “The victim was definitely important in this one, assisting us and helping direct us to the suspects and where they were.”

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Hidden tracker leads to arrest of burglary crewwww.youtube.com

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