White woman wins Miss Universe Zimbabwe — and not everyone is cheering

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A white woman won the Miss Universe Zimbabwe pageant, and not everyone is overjoyed about the results.

Essence reported that the win for 21-year-old Brooke Bruk-Jackson — a Zimbabwe native and model — triggered “mixed reactions online because she is a white woman representing the African nation.”

According to Atlanta Black Star, the population of Zimbabwe is over 14 million — and only about 2 percent of the country’s residents are non-black.

Bruk-Jackson wrote on Instagram after her win, “I have gained this crown for our beautiful country, to love and to serve our people, to represent Zimbabwe Internationally and to show the world the uniqueness of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans. I want to be an example of grace, understanding and inspiration to the youth of Zimbabwe, to instill the spirit of ‘ubuntu’ and know that together we are strong and anything in life is possible.”

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‘Extremely tragic and disappointing!’

But some on social media were far from pleased that Bruk-Jackson got the crown:

  • “A white woman can be Miss Zimbabwe in the real world, but a black girl playing a fictional mermaid character was a bridge too far for some,” one commenter said.
  • “All those beautiful melanted women, and you telling me the European woman won a contest for black people!!??” another commenter wrote.
  • Another user answered the above comment by exclaiming, “Extremely tragic and disappointing! I agree with you.”
  • “She had the audacity to say she’s a pure-bred Zimbabwean. I have no words,” another commenter said before adding, “Yeah I do — what thee whole f***?!”
  • “She should not have one or even been allowed to be in it….disgusted and can not represent a black country!” another user said.
  • “This is a slap in the face for all black women,” another commenter noted.
  • “I think my only thing is Miss ‘Universe’ Zimbabwe should be ‘universally’ representative of the population, and it’s a bit of a shame that she isn’t,” another user said.
  • “Can 95% of Zimbabwean girls identify with this Miss Universe Zimbabwe, no,” another commenter stated.

A separate Instagram post from Bruk-Jackson attracted other barbs:

Reactions included the following:

  • “I almost laughed out loud seeing this!” one commenter said of Bruk-Jackson’s costume. “They love playing dress up in other culture’s clothes!”
  • “It’s not too late to delete this,” another user advised her.
  • “My ancestors rolling in they graves!!!!” another commenter declared.


Essence pointed out that others defended Bruk-Jackson’s victory, noting that one individual — according to local news outlet the Zimbabwean — said that “Brooke deserved to win; she worked hard for that crown, and her walk was so graceful. Her answer was powerful, short, and precise. Well deserved. Congrats to her.”

Then there were the following social media posts:

Anything else?

Essence said Bruk-Jackson will represent Zimbabwe at the Miss Universe pageant in November in El Salvador.

Here’s a look at her winning moment:

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