Police officer in Argentina allegedly shoots and kills ex-girlfriend, says ‘You’re mine or no one else’s’

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A police officer in Argentina allegedly killed his girlfriend earlier this week after he stormed into her place of work and claimed, “You’re mine or no one’s.”

Fox News reported that Sergio Patricio Galvan, a police officer in Formosa, entered the beauty center where his ex-girlfriend Teresita Luciana Lopez worked on Monday. After he declared that if she was not going to be his, she could not be anyone’s, he fatally shot her.

After allegedly shooting Lopez, he went into the restroom and attempted suicide.

Galvan reportedly shot himself in the abdomen and a second time in the head, but he managed to survive. He was subsequently taken to Formosa Central Hospital for treatment. The report noted that Galvan could be heard shouting, “Look what you made me do.”

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The authorities eventually learned that Galvan and Lopez had previously been in a romantic relationship, but they had separated in August.

Those familiar with the situation said Galvan did not take the breakup well. He allegedly harassed Lopez to the point that she was going to report him, but the authorities say that they did not receive any complaints leading up the fatal incident.

The report said Lopez had planned to report the situation on the day she was murdered. When she told him she was at work, Galvan showed up just minutes later, per Fox News.

Galvan allegedly used his service pistol to commit the murder. An autopsy is set to be carried out on Lopez’s body in order to assess how many times she was shot. Galvan remains in intensive care at the hospital.

The owner of the salon where the incident took place, Mariana Barbetti, said she was in her office when she heard someone say that the police needed to be called.

“At first, I thought it was a robbery and went out onto the street through the window,” she said. “That’s where I saw the girl waiting in the waiting room, and she said, ‘Doctor, a man came in, shot your receptionist, and then shot himself.’”

Lopez’s sister Patricia reportedly said that she does not know how to “go on without you.”

“Thank you, God, for the sister you lent us for these 34 years. We love you, Teresita Luciana López,” she wrote on social media, per the report.

The specific charges that Galvan will likely face in the horrifying incident are currently unknown.

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