Breaking: Wisconsin Republicans Introduce 15 Articles of Impeachment Against Elections Administrator Meagan Wolfe


Wisconsin Republicans introduced 15 articles of impeachment against Meagan Wolfe, the Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, citing allegations of maladministration in office and potential violations of election laws.

The allegations include Wolfe promoting and encouraging illegal alterations of absentee ballot applications during the administration of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin. The law makes clear that absentee voting, in contrast to in-person voting, is regarded as a privilege rather than a right.

Here is a list of the 15 Articles of Impeachment in the 23 page report:

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The Wisconsin Constitution allows lawmakers to remove state officials “for corrupt conduct in office, or for crimes and misdemeanors.”

This latest proposal comes a week after Wisconsin Republicans in the state Senate voted to fire Wolfe from her job.

Democrats want Wolfe to remain the elections administrator, which tells you everything you need to know.

Via the House Republicans: Administrator Meagan Wolfe’s impeachment is warranted due to her maladministration during her tenure as the Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, as evidenced by the 15 issues outlined in the attached resolution. Administrator Wolfe has chosen to challenge her removal by the Senate in court, despite clear statutory provisions (15.61(1)(b)1) for her removal. This impeachment is proposed to save taxpayer funds and reaffirm the legislature’s authority to remove an administrator who has failed to adhere to existing statutes.

Thanks to George Behizy for this report.

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