Woke charity gets reality check after declaring that women ‘assigned male at birth’ have a prostate

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The Marie Keating Foundation has claimed that women “assigned male at birth” have a prostate. Such terminology, which is employed by the proponents of radical, leftist gender ideology, refers to a man who identifies as a woman.

“Prostate cancer awareness is important to everyone born with a prostate. Men & those born male or assigned male at birth. A woman who was assigned male at birth has a prostate. We are highlighting that everyone with a prostate needs to get their PSA checked,” tweeted the Marie Keating Foundation, which describes itself as among “the leading voices in Ireland for cancer prevention, awareness and support.”

Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik responded to the absurd post by pointing out the obvious. “Only men have prostates. Thank you for coming to my science lesson,” she wrote.

Others also pointed out that only men have a prostate.

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“The word you were looking for is just Men. Men have a prostate. Women do not have a prostate. If you have a prostate you are a man. This is not complicated,” someone declared.

The tweet from the Marie Keating Foundation was part of a thread. The first post in the thread included a picture of an individual and read, “Denise Breen tells us why it’s important that not just men over 40 should be aware of #prostatecancer. We are so grateful to Denise for sharing her story and support.”

Another tweet in the thread read, “We will not respond to hate speech or discrimination. Cancer does not discriminate and we are here for EVERYONE and every step of a cancer journey. Early detection is key in every community and this can only be achieved by including a diverse range of experiences and journeys.”

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