Louisiana trucker wins right to display flag saying, ‘F*** Biden and f*** you for voting for him,’ after town tries to stop him

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A trucker in Louisiana won the right to display a flag with a vulgar anti-Biden sentiment after a town tried to stop him.

Ross Brunet filed the lawsuit against Grand Isle, a town on the barrier reef in the Gulf of Mexico, after officials fined him for flying a flag reading, “F*** Biden and f*** you for voting for him.”

On Friday, Brunet settled the lawsuit with Grande Isle, which agreed to rescind an order barring the flag. The town was also ordered to pay Brunet $40,000 in lawyer’s fees and damages.

The agreement said that the trucker was “wrongfully cited for engaging in constitutionally protected speech of flying flags with political message” by the city.

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Brunet had filed a lawsuit in federal court, accusing the city of infringing on his First Amendment free speech rights as well as his rights under the Louisiana Constitution.

“Mr. Brunet’s speech has in fact been chilled,” read the lawsuit. “He is fearful of and refrains from engaging in his protected political speech in Grand Isle, out of fear of government punishment or further retaliatory action.”

The settlement must be approved by a federal judge.

In a similar case from Roselle Park, New Jersey, a woman refused to take down her expletive-filled signs expressing anti-Biden messages, despite angry criticism from her neighbors. They argued that the explicit messages were inappropriate for their children walking to school.

“I’m not giving up. I don’t care what it costs me, I’m not giving up. I’m standing my ground,” said Andrea Dick, the owner of the signs.

The town originally filed a lawsuit against Dick, but a New Jersey Superior Court judge threw out the case in July 2021.

Here’s more about explicit anti-Biden messages:

Pro-Trump, anti-Biden signs with foul language cause stir in NJ townwww.youtube.com

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