Levin Goes After Newsom, Democrats for Latest Assault on American Energy

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Conservative radio host Mark Levin lambasted California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other Democrats after the governor went on CNN to bleat about his shakedown of the oil industry.

During the Sept. 19 edition of The Mark Levin Show, Levin responded to Newsom’s climate lawsuits and a CNN appearance during which he defended them, before reminding his listeners just how much America depends on cheap energy. On Sept. 16, Gov. Newsom announced he was suing Exxon, Shell, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and BP. He claimed that they had “imposed billions of dollars of costs on Californians” and demanded that they “pay their fair share” to fund a number of initiatives. In response to the CNN interview, Levin said “Gavin Newsom and his ilk are destroying our economy, just as they’ve destroyed California.”

Levin summed up attacks by Newsom and national Democrats on the industry. “They want to destroy the combustion engine,” he added. “They want to destroy the production of fossil fuels. They’re doing it by suing the companies, nationalizing lands  and then saying that you cannot drill on these lands. Levin warned that the Biden Administration was “preventing leasing and drilling on lands” and frustrating attempts to build pipelines to “more efficiently move oil and natural gas to places that need it from places that find it.”

The legal scholar further summed up what is at stake. “This is a full on war against capitalism, against every single one of you, no matter what you do for a living,” Levin continued. “They’re going to drive up costs like you’ve never seen in your life. They’re going to create shortages like you’ve never experienced in your life.”

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Later in the podcast, Levin heaped on more obvious effects. “You’re going to be colder in the winter, hotter in the summer, you’re going to have odd and even days, you’re going to have brownouts and blackouts,” Levin concluded. “You’re going to have a nation that is destroying itself. So for the Democrat Party, rather than the Industrial Revolution being the greatest economic explosion that mankind has ever experienced, creating a middle class and prosperity and a lifestyle that no human beings on the face of the earth have ever experienced, not even kings and queens. They’re destroying it.”

Conservatives are under attack! Call CNN (404) 827-1500 and demand that it report on Gavin Newsom’s destructive policies.

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