And a Child Shall Lead Them: Pennsylvania Students Walk Out Over Trans Bathroom Policy

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A friend recently told me that last year, his grandson came home from school and said that he was exhausted. Bear in mind that the kid was only 12 at the time, and that is not normally an age at which kids become exhausted. But he was tired from the constant drone of the trans agenda. The kid is straight and bears no ill will toward anyone. But all he wanted to do was go to class, hang out with his friends, play in the school orchestra, and bean a few people during dodgeball in gym class. That, and come home and play video games. Pretty normal stuff for a 12-year-old boy.

It is true that kids can be chuckleheads. I can attest to the fact that I have seen my hairline recede significantly over the challenges of parenting. But kids are often more perceptive than adults give them credit for. And this boy was wrung out over the ever-present rainbow flags and the obsession over sexuality. He wasn’t trans. He didn’t want to be trans. He just wanted to have a normal life. And unlike adults whose egos have become inextricably meshed with their politics and would rather lecture you about your privilege over a soy latte until their yoga pants burst, many kids can smell B.S. a mile off, even if they keep silent about it. I could smell it when my parents did their level best to turn me into a next-generation hippie. But the problem is that kids often feel helpless in their worlds. A kid may know in his gut that the intersex claptrap his teacher is spouting is a load of overly ripe bovine excrement. But he also knows that there may be little if anything he can do about it. You can’t fight city hall, or a woke school board, for that matter.

But at some point, even kids know when they are gill-high in the aforementioned excrement. While it is sad, there are times when students must stand up when teachers, administrators, and school boards decide to hide. This makes me wonder about the quality of adults we have running things these days.

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Such was the case for the Perkiomen Valley School Board in Pennsylvania. During a Sept. 11 meeting, board members failed to pass Policy 720. This policy would have mandated that students use the bathroom designated for the biological sex, not what they feel like on any given day.  News station 6abc said that the issue was raised by a father, who claimed that his daughter encountered what might have been a boy in the girl’s room. He said that while his daughter was not certain of that fact, she was put off to the point that she was no longer comfortable using the restroom at school. The point was raised that there was no “proof” that the person in question was male. But one must ask how one can prove such a thing in the current dysfunctional state of affairs that is gender in 21st-century America.

One person told of how they were bullied as a transgender individual, adding that people needed to get used to change. Superintendent Barbara Russell commented, “We have Policy 103, which is non-discrimination in Title IX, it calls out gender identification as a protected class.”

It is also worth noting that 6abc, in keeping with the “Accepted Narrative,” referred to the policy as “controversial.”

And that, as they say, should have been that. But it wasn’t.

Fox News reports that on Friday, hundreds of students walked out of class at the district’s high school. They did so not in solidarity with the policy of letting people use the bathroom of their choice but in opposition to it. Student John Ott, who organized the walkout, said, “Kids were upset. Girls… we wanted to protect them. They were upset. They didn’t want men in their bathroom.” His mother said that the district is more concerned about transgender rights and was ignoring the “bigger picture.” She added:

The safety of females is so important and these students that stood [and] that walked out, they are to be commended. They have courage and they exercise their First Amendment rights. This is about protecting our children and our privacy and boys and girls. It’s simple biology.

A female student at Perkiomen Valley stated, “There needs to be some changes. It’s just uncomfortable seeing 19-year-old men or 18-year-old men in the bathroom.” Another opined that they felt like student voices were not being heard. Fox reached out to the school board president, who said:

Although I voted differently than the majority of the board, as board president, I respect the outcome of the vote and those who voted against expediting the policy. I also appreciate our student body, those who came to our previous board meeting to vote, and the 300+ students who used their First Amendment right to voice their opinion in favor of the policy during their protest on Friday.

It is sadly ironic that in the Perkiomen Valley School District, the kids had to be the adults in the room. The board cares little for those who may be hurt by its bathroom policies. Knowing the leftist mindset as I do, the members probably do not care about trans students, either, no matter what they tell themselves at night or the mantras they post on social media. These people and others like them around the nation are the latest incarnations of psychotic, narcissistic dance and pageant moms. They want to live vicariously through the students and feel the thrill of rebellion and social justice. And they are simultaneously unaware and unconcerned with the collateral damage that may result from their endless ego trips.

Thank God for the high school students. Somebody had to be the voice of reason.

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