Riley Gaines hilariously highlights the absurdity of the claim that transgender women are women

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Former college swimmer Riley Gaines highlighted the utter absurdity of radical leftist gender ideology after someone made the oft-repeated, preposterous claim that transgender women are women.

“Trans women are women,” J. Perkins, who describes himself on X as an “antiracist educator” and “higher ed lawyer,” wrote a dozen times in a post. He also calls himself “woke.”

“Hot dogs are dogs,” Gaines mockingly wrote 12 times in a row when responding to Perkins’ post. “A confident, outlandish statement ≠ reality,” she added.

When swimming for the University of Kentucky in 2022, Gaines and then-University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, a man who identifies as a woman, tied for fifth place in the NCAA women’s championships 200 freestyle final, according to

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Gaines has become an outspoken opponent of radical leftist gender ideology and its negative impact on women’s and girls’ sports.

“You’re clearly a very confident person, despite being an open transphobe. How about you speak to me directly, @Riley_Gaines_?” Perkins wrote.

“Gladly. Trans woman are, in fact, males. It’s not opinionated or hateful. It’s fact. You’re also clearly a very confident person, despite being openly racist. Glad to have a conversation there if you need anything else cleared up as well,” Gaines replied.

“Sure, we can put a pin in your transphobia for a moment. Please do explain how I’m racist? Lol,” Perkins wrote.

“A two-second look at your profile is all anyone needs to see this definition applied,” Gaines answered, while sharing a screenshot with a definition of racism.

Perkins then told Gaines that he was going to mute her on the social media platform. “Imma mute you now because you clearly don’t even know definitions of the terms you’re throwing around. Stay in school. Seriously,” he wrote.

When someone on X asked whether it makes a woman “transphobic” if she does not want to change in the presence of a man like Lia Thomas, who exposes himself, Perkins called the person’s post “nonsense” and claimed that only “bigots” suggest that such scenarios occur.

“I’m not suggesting it happened. I’m telling you it is. Because it happened to me and my teammates. The general consensus of how we ALL felt was violated, betrayed, and traumatized. Only a misogynistic pig would disregard that and tell us we’re the problem,” Gaines replied.

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