RFK Jr. proposes free passport cards to stop ID fraud at polls

RFK Jr. proposes free passport cards to stop ID fraud at polls

Voter fraud is rampant in the U.S., but one presidential hopeful has offered a potential solution that he hopes can help preserve one of the basic principles of democracy.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) recently announced his plan to prevent ID fraud in the voting booths, and it involves using a common document Americans have access to: passport cards.

These are a form of photo identification issued by the federal government that can serve as a substitute for traditional passports under certain circumstances. He points out that these passports are a type of accredited federal identification that is issued at every post office in the nation, making it convenient for everyone to obtain.

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Liberals often claim that requiring photo ID to vote discriminates against poorer Americans who cannot afford the fees involved in obtaining a state driver’s license or photo ID. They insist that it is particularly challenging for seniors, people with disabilities, students and minorities to obtain the type of photo ID needed by the few states that do require photo IDs to vote. However, by making passport cards, which normally cost $65, free for everyone, this argument could be put to rest.

As of last month, only 34 states required voters to present any type of identification to vote, and just 23 of these required a form of ID with a photo. Sixteen states required no identification at all to vote, including California, Nevada, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington and Oregon.

Moreover, RFK Jr. believes that making passport cards free would make life easier in general for low-income Americans who cannot afford a driver’s license or passport. He points out that there are many common tasks that cannot be performed without these documents. For example, you cannot open a bank account without them, which means many people in this position must cash their paychecks using check cashing services that take a sizeable chunk of their income.


Could free passport cards also reduce influx of illegal immigrants?

RFK Jr. says his plan will also make employers more accountable when it comes to hiring workers illegally, which he believes will help reduce the influx of illegal immigrants in our country. After all, he maintains that there is no incentive to enter the U.S. illegally if people know they will be unable to obtain a job.

He explained how the current system makes it easy for employers to get around laws stopping them from hiring illegal aliens, placing those who do follow the law at a disadvantage.

“Once we have sealed the border and made it impossible for illegal aliens to work in this country, we can talk about a path to citizenship for people who are already here,” he stated.

However, he was quick to clarify that he is not suggesting a form of mandatory identification for all Americans. Instead, he simply wants to make passport cards free to those who cannot afford them.

The Left doesn’t want fair elections

Of course, many Democrats will still have a problem with this because they aren’t really concerned about protecting the poor; they are acutely aware that fair elections would be less likely to go in their favor.

Something clearly needs to be done to curb rampant voter fraud, and while no solution is foolproof, requiring photo ID throughout the nation could go a long way toward stemming fraud and increasing public confidence in the democratic process. Many Americans have lost faith in the voting process, not only because of the lack of photo ID requirements in many states but also the potential for mail-in ballot fraud. A survey by Monmouth University found that four out of five Americans support requiring people to show photo ID before casting their ballot.

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