NewsBusters Podcast: Kristen Welker’s Fact Mangling in Real Time with Trump

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Leftists love to talk about how Republicans — especially Donald Trump — need “fact-checking in real time,” but often the left-wing press do fact-mangling in realt time.

Trump haters were furious that NBC and Kristen Welker led off her era at Meet the Press by interviewing/interrupting Trump. But Welker demonstrated NBC was not interested in offering viewers the truth, especially about Democrats and their hardline stance on abortion.  

Trump has a funny habit of going back to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam awkwardly talking about favoring abortions after the baby has departed the womb. This happened again with Welker. Trump said it was awful you could “rip the baby out of the womb in the ninth month, you’re allowed to do that and you shouldn’t be allowed to do that.” Welker shot back: “Again, no one is arguing for that, that’s not a part of anyone’s platform.”

But the 2020 Democratic platform clearly states. ”Democrats oppose and will fight to overturn federal and state laws that create [ANY] barriers to reproductive health and rights.” Many “fact checkers” have labored to “correct” Trump and completely ignore the obvious Democrat positioning. 

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While the abortion industry kills hundreds of thousands each year, Welker was focused on the vague idea that somewhere, a mother’s life is in danger because she can’t abort! She asked Trump, “Does it bother you, though, that women say their lives are being put at risk? Do you feel you bear any responsibility?”

Both Welker and ABC Sunday host Jonathan Karl mangled the facts by insisting there was “no evidence” tying President Biden to his son Hunter’s business dealings, despite a dramatic amount of evidence. Rep. Nancy Mace pushed back on Karl, as Trump did with Welker. But that contentious section where Welker pressed Trump on how there was “no evidence” was in the transcript, but was not included in the television show. It was left on the “cutting-room floor.” 

Enjoy the podcast below or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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