Los Angeles setting up new “temporary” tents for homeless village that cost taxpayers $44,000 per tent

Los Angeles setting up new “temporary” tents for homeless village that cost taxpayers $44,000 per tent

A new homeless village being built in East Hollywood is costing taxpayers $44,000 per tent, reports indicate.

After installing fencing, washrooms, and staffing facilities at a cost of about $4 million, Los Angeles city officials are now outfitting the “temporary” homeless camp with $44,000-a-pop tents for the homeless.

There is also a $3 million per year catering service being provided to the homeless who live in the camp, as well as 24-hour staffing – this is quite the fancy setup, considering taxpaying Americans receive next to nothing from the government.

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While all the rest of us have to work for our meals, the homeless living in East Hollywood’s tent city will receive free accommodations, free food, and free 24-hour security, all on the taxpayer dime.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the tent city is located on an old parking lot that will eventually be turned into public housing. In the meantime, since that will take years to construct, the city is dumping cash into the tent city.

(Related: Officials in New York City are planning to build a massive new tent city for illegal aliens on Riker’s Island.)

Lawsuits allege East Hollywood tent city staffed by abusive ex-cons

The lavish encampment is reportedly being managed and maintained by the San Francisco-based nonprofit group Urban Alchemy. It was first launched in 2018 with a small grant, and is now staffed by mostly former prisoners because they have the “ability to read people in unpredictable situations.”

However, several lawsuits have been filed as of late alleging that the ex-cons on staff at the encampment are engaging in abusive behavior.


Urban Alchemy also runs homeless encampments in Portland and Austin, having brought in $51 million in 2021 to continue providing “affordable” housing to California’s 172,000 homeless people.

According to reports, the nonprofit’s East Hollywood tent city contains higher quality tents “than anything someone could buy from a typical camping store.” In other words, the homeless are being given nicer tents for free than American taxpayers are even allowed to buy on the consumer market.

The tents feature wooden platforms, full beds, and an array of storage lockers, making them a perfect living solution for California’s mild, snow-free climate.

Across the street from the East Hollywood tent city is a new office run by the nonprofit Coalition for Responsible Community Development, which exists there to help people who live in the encampment find work – if they want to, of course.

Nobody in the encampment has to get a job – they can continue getting free food and housing forever if they want. However, for those who do want to work, there is an easy solution right across the street for their convenience.

There are several other similar camp villages strewn across the LA landscape, another existing in Culver City that features tents made from sturdy white canvas. At another tent village in South Los Angeles, residents are being given tents that are “more humble, resembling store-bought camping gear,” reports explain.

Just 2 percent of the homeless population in the East Hollywood encampment have transitioned to permanent housing, we are told. Urban Alchemy blames this on a lack of affordable housing across LA.

“$44,000 per tent? Is the Pentagon in charge of their procurement?” asked one commenter about why the tents in the East Hollywood encampment cost so much.

“No, but same basic dispersal plan for the money,” another responded.

“Of that $44,000, $43,990 eventually makes its way into the Democrat Party coffers,” suggested another half-jokingly.

“$44,000 for one tent pays the six-figure salaries of the NGO (non-governmental organizations) grifter employees who’d be homeless themselves without the NGO job because they have no actual skills other than being grifters,” said another.

The latest news about America’s growing homeless problem can be found at Collapse.news.

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