Is This the Next Media Hoax to Keep Biden in Office?

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Joe Biden is in trouble, and Democrats are panicking. Between his dismal approval ratings and poor performance against Donald Trump in general election matchup polls, the media is trying everything to salvage the Democrats’ hope of holding onto the White House in 2024. Some are pleading with Joe Biden to withdraw from the race. Others are telling him to drop Kamala Harris.

The source of the panic comes down to a perception of electability thanks to the bad economy that Americans are blaming Joe Biden for and concerns about his age and mental acuity. Well, there’s little that the media can do to change voters’ perceptions of the terrible economy, which Joe Biden is aggressively trying to take credit for with his whole Bidenomics marketing campaign.

It’s literally impossible to boast about how great the economy is doing when people can the high cost of gas and goods for themselves. So now they’re trying to change people’s perceptions of Joe Biden’s mental fitness.

I’m not joking. Let’s face it, the main reason some are calling on the campaign to replace Kamala Harris is that she’s the most unpopular vice president in the history of polling. With Joe Biden’s advanced age and deteriorating cognitive health on full display, it’s hard not to see voting for Joe Biden as a de facto vote for Harris.

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But Joe Biden can’t cut loose the historic “first woman minority vice president in American history” and not pay a political price with the ever-so-obssesed-with-identity-politics left.

So they’re trying to convince people that Joe Biden is not only mentally fit but also more coherent than Donald Trump.

[pause for laughter]

Now that you’re done laughing, here’s what MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said on the matter.

“When you follow any Joe Biden press conference, as far as actual facts as far as actual policy, policy prescriptions and apparently just about any other Donald Trump press conference, there’s just not a comparison,” he claimed. “Yes, yes, we can—I can, I can play five minutes of tape that shows Donald Trump looking cognitively declined. I could do the same for Joe Biden. Uhh, at the end of the day, though, if you cut down underneath that just talk about who is cogent on policy, uhhh, Donald Trump loses by a landslide every time does he?”

When you get to the real meat of it, Scarborough is suggesting that clips demonstrating Joe Biden’s cognitive decline are merely selectively edited, and the same can be done to Trump. What really matters is that Scarborough agrees with the policies that Joe Biden is pushing, which makes him more coherent and mentally sound than Trump in his eyes.

Scarborough has seen the polls that show that most voters, including a majority of Democrats, don’t think he’s mentally fit to be president. This isn’t because of cherry-picked clips. Democrats are watching liberal networks that are actively trying to make Biden sound better than he really is most of the time.

Consider Bernie Sanders. He’s as far to the left as anyone in Congress. He promotes crazy policies that can’t work. He’s certainly further to the left than Joe Biden, but no one on the right is accusing him of being cognitively declined because of the policies he pushes. Those are completely separate things.

The perception of Joe Biden’s physical and mental health is based on the reality of his public appearances, not the policies he’s pushing. But what the media is trying to do is claim that Biden is a victim of cherrypicked evidence and suggest that this evidence must be ignored because of the policies he represents.

Does he really think that’s going to make people feel better about Joe Biden? Sorry, but pretending that Joe Biden is mentally sharp is just as absurd as pretending the economy is in good shape.

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