Don’t Be Fooled: Jack Smith Was NOT Hired to Win His Case Against Trump – Jack Smith Was Hired as Hitman to Take Trump Out

Jack Smith returning to Washington DC after a hard week of work manufacturing charges against President Trump in Florida. (GP photo)

Don’t be fooled. Special Counsel Jack Smith was not hired to argue a brilliant case against President Donald Trump in the court of law. Jack Smith was not hired to bring legitimate charges against President Trump. Jack Smith was hired as a DOJ hitman to take out Trump. Period.

Jack Smith has always been a hitman. He was hired as a hitman before. He was hired as a hitman to destroy Trump.

Jack Smith is not a genius on legal theory. That’s not his job.

When Attorney General Merrick Garland, top DOJ officials, and Joe Biden’s handlers met to plan their next assault on the former president they all agreed on one thing. They needed to destroy President Trump completely and assure that he never makes it to Election Day.

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Garland and the DOJ had two options for the role as assassin:
Andrew Weissmann, a famously dishonest hatchet man who ran the Mueller witch hunt for three years knowing that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was all a hoax started by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. Weissman and Mueller managed to jail several Trump associates and torture them in isolation. They were able to leak damning information to the lapdog press that were later found to be completely inaccurate. But they never were able to take out Trump.  These DOJ criminals never faced justice for his numerous lies and criminal conduct during the investigation.

Jack Smith was the second obvious candidate for special counsel. Smith’s claim to fame was destroying the life and career of popular Republican Governor Bob McDonnell. Bob McDonnell was a threat to the Democrat Party. McDonnell was the very popular Republican governor of Virginia from 2010 to 2014. On January 21, 2014, McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, were indicted on federal corruption charges by Jack Smith for receiving improper gifts and loans from a Virginia businessman. They were convicted on most counts by a federal jury on September 4, 2014. McDonnell was the first Virginia governor to be convicted of a felony. However, on June 27, 2016, the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously overturned McDonnell’s conviction in an 8-0 decision. It didn’t matter. Bob was toast.  He would never run for office again.

Jack Smith was not put on the McDonnell case to win it. Jack Smith was put on the McDonnell case to destroy Bob McDonnell and guarantee he will never be president. Jack Smith did his job.

So when it came down to making a decision on who to hire as Special Counsel in the garbage Trump classified documents case, the choice was obvious. Garland and Joe Biden’s handlers wanted a killer – not to win the case against Trump – but to ensure President Trump will never serve as US President again.

That’s why Jack Smith was hired. Period.

Democrats could not care less if Jack Smith wins his case. They hired Jack Smith as Special Counsel for one reason only – to take out Trump.

And Jack Smith is doing exactly as he was hired to do.

Jack Smith filed 40 garbage indictments against President Trump so far. He may add more. Smith indicted Trump for holding classified documents as a former president. The DOJ did not indict Joe Biden and Mike Pence who took classified documents while serving as Vice President. This was an actual crime. President Trump holding classified documents is not a crime. Jack Smith doesn’t care. Jack Smith also charged President Trump with obstruction even though Trump was working with the FBI at the time his home was raided. It doesn’t matter. He’s Donald Trump. Jack Smith has a job to do.

On Friday Jack Smith asked uber-liberal Judge Chutkan to silence Donald Trump. Smith does not want Trump to campaign. Smith does not want Trump to talk. Smith is a hitman and assassin. Smith even wants Trump’s lawyers gagged!

At the same time, Jack Smith regularly leaks nasty items against President Trump to the press.  Jack Smith is serious about his career as hitman.

Jack Smith does not care if he wins his case against Trump or not. That is not what he was hired to do. Jack Smith is a hitman. His mission is to remove President Trump from the playing field. Don’t be fooled.

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