MOUSE MEDICINE: Newly approved COVID jabs only tested on mice – just EIGHT of them – and NEVER in humans

MOUSE MEDICINE: Newly approved COVID jabs only tested on mice – just EIGHT of them – and NEVER in humans

So far, the public’s response to the latest and greatest Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” from Pfizer and Moderna that just received approval and emergency use authorization (EUA) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is overwhelmingly negative, and for good reason: the shots are untested and unsafe.

Almost unbelievably, Newsweek, which just a few years ago was calling for the unvaccinated to be jailed, is calling out the FDA for approving these new so-called “vaccines” without any clinical trials on humans.

According to that report, the new “booster” shots (or whatever you want to call them) were only tested on mice, and on a mere eight of them. If that is not piss-poor “science,” then we surely do not know what is.

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“These updated boosters will be the first released to the public without any humans involved in the clinical trials, raising questions from some about the efficacy,” Newsweek‘s Nick Mordowanec writes.

(Related: Why is the FDA being allowed to approve even more covid jabs using “emergency use authorization” when there is no real emergency happening?)

CDC’s Mandy Cohen claims only way to stop COVID is to develop jab after jab after jab after jab

It was actually the FDA itself that back in June begged Pfizer and Moderna to develop the new jabs. The agency claimed at the time that a new fall season “variant” of COVID would arise that would not be covered by the earlier jabs, meaning a new jab had to be developed to “fight” it.

“We have more tools than ever to prevent the worst outcomes from COVID-19,” said Mandy Cohen, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about the new jabs that the FDA requested, and that are now here.


“Some viruses, however, change over time. This coronavirus is one of them.”

In an op-ed for The New York Times, Cohen acknowledged the fact that COVID, just like all other coronaviruses (i.e., the common cold), will always be with us – which should mean that we simply get used to it and move on with our lives. But where would the profit be in that?

Cohen claims in the propaganda puff piece that the only way to stop serious illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths from each new variant or strain of COVID that comes along is to have Big Pharma continue to develop jab after jab after jab.

“It finds ways to evade our immune systems by constantly evolving,” Cohen claims about COVID. “That’s why our vaccines need to be updated to match the changed virus. Even though many Americans have been exposed to previous versions of the virus because they’ve been infected, that protection decreases over time.”

According to FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf in an August 25 X (formerly Twitter) post, the agency skipped right over human clinical trials for the newest approved jabs and instead relied on clinical trial data from other bivalent mRNA COVID boosters that were released in the past.

“Bivalent and multivalent vaccines are very common and modifying a vaccine to include different virus strains often does not require a change in other ingredients,” Califf wrote. “FDA has extensive experience with reviewing strain changes in vaccines, as is done with the annual flu vaccine.”

Time will tell if anyone actually takes these things. We know that a few hospital systems here and there are trying to mandate them, which is probably the only way the establishment will “convince” anyone to get jabbed with these obviously deadly poisons at this point.

As long as America continues to allow it, the FDA will continue to approve and emergency use authorize (EUA) jab after jab after jab until ever last person in the U.S. is gravely sick or dead. Learn more at

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