Joe Biden’s 2024 Prospects Are Starting to Look Bleak

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It’s quite clear that the Democrats have a huge problem coming into 2024. Recent polling shows that Joe Biden can’t beat pretty much any of his Republican opponents, his approval ratings are still in the toilet, his efforts to rebrand “Bidenomics” as a good thing are failing miserably, and some in the liberal media are calling on him to drop out. Others are calling on him to ditch Kamala Harris to save the ticket in the next presidential election.

For some time now, Democrats have been largely operating on one of two assumptions: either Trump can’t win the 2024 election, so he’s the one they want to face next year, or Trump can win the 2024 election, and thus they have to take him out via the justice system.

The first assumption is clearly wrong, and as Democrats work on the second one, it’s looking like the partisan indictments have solidified and expanded Trump’s support.

Oh, yeah — an impeachment inquiry also has been launched into Biden’s corrupt influence-peddling, and even the media can’t deny the evidence.

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So, yeah, things really aren’t looking good for Joe Biden.

Of course, we’re still just over a year away from the next election — a lifetime in politics. That’s hardly a cliché, either. It is widely believed that prior to the pandemic, Donald Trump was going to cruise to reelection. It’s amazing what a few unilateral changes to election laws and some funny business behind the scenes can accomplish.

But I digress.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen polls show that the White House should be panicking about the upcoming election, and even more polling released this week shows those weren’t outliers. A new poll from Suffolk/USA Today finds that Biden isn’t convincing Americans that the economy is in good shape, and voters overwhelmingly trust Trump more than Biden on the economy.

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“Only 34% of Americans said they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, compared with 59% who disapprove, according to the poll,” reports USA Today. “And more Americans said they trust Trump, the 2024 Republican primary front-runner, than Biden to make the economy better by a 47%-36% margin. The spread is 46%-26% in Trump’s favor among independent voters.”

This is devastating news for Joe Biden.

“Seventy-six percent of independents and even 34% of Democrats said the economy is getting worse. Eighty-four percent of Americans say their cost of living is rising, and food and groceries is the top concern. The results come as Biden has touted ‘Bidenomics’ to frame his economic vision ahead of the 2024 presidential election.”

I always say it’s a terrible strategy to try to convince the public that your economic policies are working when they can go to the supermarket and the gas station and experience for themselves that inflation isn’t actually down as Joe Biden claims.

Biden’s claims of historic job growth have also been fact-checked by the normally compliant liberal media, which can’t deny that the lion’s share of job gains that have occurred on his watch were jobs lost in the pandemic that came back when the lockdowns ended. Even with those pre-pandemic jobs back, job growth is lagging behind where it should be.

This is why independent voters give Donald Trump a 20-point edge over Biden on the economy. These are the voters who will ultimately decide the election.

The next strategy session for the Biden campaign is going to be a doozy.

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